Win a Pair of Luxury Cufflinks to Commemorate the 75th Anniversary of The Battle of Britain

November 26, 2015

Having just commemorated the 75th anniversary of The Battle of Britain which was fought between July and October 1940, The Royal British Legion have teamed up with TMB Art Metal of London to create a stylish and unique set of cufflinks.

Made from some of the original duralumin metal obtained from the restoration of a Spitfire ‘P7350’ (one of the most symbolic planes used during The Battle of Britain), each set of these precious cufflinks are unique in their own right with a stunning design cast in the shape of a poppy. Each particular set is different owing to the age and character of the metal used for each pair, while the actual design is based on a pressed poppy which was found in the World War One diary of Private Smith.

Presented in a beautiful high quality wooden case with illustrated certificates of provenance, this luxury item would make a welcome addition to any suit, whilst also no doubt rousing interest at any black tie event or meeting.

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The cufflinks are available exclusively from The Royal British Legion’s Poppy Shop,, for £79.99.  Alternatively, retweet this feature on Twitter to raise awareness of The Royal British Legion, who provide care and support to all members of the British Armed Forces and their families, to be put in to the Luxuria Lifestyle draw to win a pair.  The winner will be announced on 1oth December 2015.

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