5 of the Best Luxurious Casinos to Visit in 2018

January 29, 2018

No matter if you are looking for the thrill of a high bet or you just want to unwind with a few hands of blackjack, good casinos will make you feel welcome.  The thick carpets, bright lights, and classy service is more than enough to make just about anyone feel special, from the seasoned gambler, to the inexperienced rookie.

And yet, if you frequent your local casinos, at some point you might find their charm slipping away.  Sure, they know you by name and they always serve your favourite drinks, but sometimes a little change is all you need to make the experience fresh again and return to your preferred establishment with newfound enthusiasm.

No, we are not talking about going online in search of high stakes roulette tables like the ones here.  While these can certainly be fun and relaxing, we’re talking about actually going somewhere else for a few days and absorbing the local atmosphere.  So, in case you are looking to play a few games in a new and exotic location this year, here are five of the best options out there.


The Venetian Macao, China

If you want to experience the Venetian lifestyle, you can do so not just in Italy, but in China as well.  Enter, The Venetian Macao – a massive resort that is also the home of the world’s largest casino.  With its 50,000 square meters of gaming area, over 500 tables, and more than 2,000 slot machines, this casino has something for everyone.

In case you want to take a break from the gaming experience, the resort offers over 850 luxury duty-free shoppes to visit.  So, no matter your style and preferences, you will find more than enough variety for both you and your significant other.

The Venetian is perfect for family vacations as well.  The QUBE playground boasts a total area of over 800 square meters, full of various activities for both children and teenagers alike.  Alternatively, you could take the family to a gondola ride or hit up one of the four pools available at the resort.

Sun City Casino Resort, South Africa

When one thinks of a premiere gaming destination, they rarely think of South Africa.  Yet, this is where one of the best casino resorts can be found.  Located just two hours off the capital city of Johannesburg, Sun City Casino Resort offers an amazing experience for everyone, no matter if you travel alone or with the family.

The two casinos offer a variety of table games and slots, for high rollers and more moderate gamblers alike. Additionally, you can visit the Sun City School of Gaming for a few lessons on your favourite casino games.

And if you want to enjoy some quality time with your family, there are plenty of options to choose from.  Visit the outdoor adventure center to try your hand at archery, clay-pigeon shooting, drumming, or riding a quad bike.  Or maybe take your family on a safari in one of the nearby reserves.  If you are not the adventurous type, you could always hit up the waterpark or one of the two golf courses found in the resort.


Foxwoods Resort Casino, USA

Contrary to what one would think, the biggest casino resort in North America is not actually in Las Vegas.  That title goes to Foxwoods Resort Casino located in Connecticut.  It features six casinos for you to try your luck in, complete with a variety of table and slot games that would suit any taste.

Foxwoods also features the so-called PLAY Arena – a dedicated space for those who find classic gaming a bit bland.  There, you will be immersed in a unique party atmosphere, with the added bonus of having an interactive gaming station all for yourself.  This means that you can switch between games on a whim, while the fun rages on around you.

If you are planning a family trip, you would be in good hands, as Foxwoods was awarded a bronze Company of the Year Stevie Award in the Hospitality & Leisure category.  You could visit Foxwoods’ arcade, which boasts a huge variety of classic and modern arcade games, so both you and your children can find something you love. You can also choose between a lot of outdoor activities, including three hiking trails across the Connecticut forests.

And since Americans love their motorsports, a huge karting track is about to open for visitors at Foxwoods this year, complete with drastic elevation changes, thrilling hairpin turns, and high-speed straights.

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Macau is not the only premiere gaming destination in East Asia.  The Marina Bay Sands in Singapore is also a great choice.  This resort’s casino area measures at 15,000 square meters, complete with over 2,300 slots and more than 350 tables with a wide range of games.  If you want some peace while gambling, the resort also offers more than 35 private gaming rooms.

In between the gaming sessions, you can always hit up the shopping center with over 200 stores to browse, where you can also get a relaxing ride in one of the Chinese Sampan boats.  Or, you could head for the top of the resort and enjoy the infinity pool and observation deck 57 stories above ground.

Marina Bay Sands might not offer much entertainment for children, but if you want to enjoy a relaxing vacation with your significant other, there is hardly a better place to do so.


Casino de Monte-Carlo, Monaco

No list of the top casinos in the world would be complete without the crown jewel of Monaco – the Casino de Monte-Carlo. For its 155-year history, it has established itself as the single best gambling destination for the high class, so your brand new Lamborghini Urus will not look out of place parked in front.

The casino offers a wide variety of European and American-style table games, as well as a huge selection of slot machines to try your luck at. However, if you would like to enjoy the unique Bond-movie aura of this legendary establishment, pack your clothes accordingly.  The Casino de Monte-Carlo has a strict dress code that it enforces to preserve the elite atmosphere it is known for.

Also, if you are planning to socialize with locals, look elsewhere.  The casino is open exclusively to foreigners and IDs are checked at the door to ensure this rule is followed.

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