Acres of Beachfront Land and a Narrowboat: What are the Most Luxurious Things Available to Bitcoin Enthusiasts?

February 6, 2017

Bitcoin is quickly becoming a highly valued commodity, and is on course to one day transcend gold as a financial asset. Where it differs from and perhaps surpasses gold is in that it can be used to purchase goods and services without having to change it back into one’s own country’s currency. Some businesses now operate solely in Bitcoin, and even offer VIP reward schemes to their clientele. In addition to that, some truly astounding things can now be purchased with the e-currency, including the luxury items on this list.

VIP Schemes

Online casinos have been amongst the first companies to embrace Bitcoin, and some have come up with original ways to attract attention. For instance, aims to attract a more elite class of players with its VIP program. Customers who play here and become VIP club members can aim to hit targets to be in with a chance of winning luxury items including the latest Macbook or a new Ferrari.

1965 Lincoln Continental Coupe

A restored model of this classic car is available to buy for just 22.515 BTC. The 1965 Continental Coupe is one of the fourth-generation Lincolns, and was given a facelift with a flat blunt grille instead of the old pointed convex grilles of its predecessors. This modification increased sales by 10%.

The car in question here has been given some upgrades. It has a rebuilt top-end, a complete brake system conversion upgrade, and a full custom paint job among other great improvements.

Narrowboat with Oxfordshire Mooring

Thinking about purchasing a holiday home with a difference, why not go for a narrowboat? This narrowboat with a mooring in Oxfordshire is going for 50.193 BTC, which is an absolute bargain for what you get. It has one bedroom and one bathroom, a gas stove and a wooden fireplace. This is the perfect way to enjoy the stunning English countryside, from the comfort of your own boat.

12 Acres of Beachfront Land in Mexico

Greater numbers of people are choosing to buy real estate with Bitcoin in an effort to make money through price rises. Recently, one Bitcoin enthusiast inadvertently made $1.3 million profit on a house due to a price spike in the e-currency between the time of the house being valued and the time of sale.

This patch of land is in a place called Puerto Penasco in the Gulf of California, and is home to sandy beaches and tidal pools. The asking price for the land is 6,324.5 BTC, but the potential to make enormous profit is astounding. 2b/2b condos in the area are currently going for up to $275, 000 and villas up to $700,000, highlighting the money-making possibilities of this venture. It would be wise to get in there first before another Bitcoin land baron beats you to it.


Patek Philippe Complications Watch

These extraordinary watches do more than just tell the time. They have annual calendars, dual time zones, and world time displays. They are incredibly fashionable, elite timepieces, and have been voted in the top ten world time watches in the world. They can be purchased for 57.891 BTC.

These items are just the beginning. Soon there will be even more luxury possessions available to purchase with Bitcoin. Investing in the e-currency now could mean that you get a discounted price on acquisitions in the near future due to the instability of other world currencies.

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