Add some Christmas sparkle with dazzling diamonds from Vashi

December 8, 2014

Quite nice wearing an engagement ring isn’t it?! Not that I’m engaged… I was just lucky enough to be invited along to an exclusive Diamond Master class to learn about the 4 C’s of Vashi’s stunning collection.

Now the fastest selling online diamond jewellery brand, you don’t just have to take our word for it here at Luxuria, it’s actually the stars of the showbiz world who have been dazzling in Vashi’s super sparkly jewellery.  From The X Factor’s Cheryl to Rita Ora and Pixie Lott, it seems the celebs are in the know when it comes to getting the biggest rocks for your hard earned money.

Founded by Vashi Dominguez in 2007, Vashi offers a fabulous collection of engagement and wedding rings, bridal jewellery and statement luxury pieces.  Vashi himself handpicks the diamonds for their sparkle and actually rejects 90% of the precious stones when he sources them from the mines and cutters themselves.  This ensures amazing value and means you are going to get a much higher grade of diamond for your money, than if you were to buy on the high street.

On the night, which was held at Sautters Cigars brand new Knightsbridge store, we smoked Cohiba’s and supped on Remy Martin’s stunning cognac – the Centaure de Diamant which was the last creation of Cellar Master Pierette Trichet before her retirement.  And while enjoying this fabulously fine mix of cigars and cognac, we learned all about the 4 c’s when it comes to grading diamonds.

The carat will determine a diamonds’ value and of course the greater the weight, the greater its value.  Most important in determining the actual value, is the cut and how much sparkle the diamond emits.  In terms of colour, diamonds range from D which is colourless, to Z which has a yellowy tint to it.  Vashi diamonds are all colourless and so only range from D to I. Lastly, the clarity ranges from FL ( flawless) to L3 which will have visible flaws or inclusions.  Vashi diamonds range only from FL which are completely flawless by sight and inspection, through to Sl1 diamonds which carry very minor imperfections.

Just sitting there amongst all these super sparkly gems made me want to purchase all of them!  So if diamonds are on your Christmas list and you want to save on cost but not on quality, it’s worth stopping by their website to check out what is a simple stunning collection.

*The Remy Martin Centaure de Diamant is now available from Harrods for £800.

*Vashi Diamonds strictly adhere to a conflict-free Kimberley Process and can be tracked from mine to market.

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