Aures London uses tech to push boundaries of event experiences

February 15, 2019

Centrally located in London Waterloo, Aures London is a venue that goes beyond the conventional event space experience by using immersive technology and dynamic programming to connect an artist or brand’s message to their audience.

The venue’s mission is to use emerging technology to create the world’s first immersive sensory space for the arts and events. beautifully restored exposed brick archy, creating exciting and more memorable experiences. This ensures its events make a bigger impact and encourages the audience to share more readily.

Co-founders Sam Davis and Robyn Collins established the venue as a sensory laboratory; an opportunity to champion new technology, exciting brands and to constantly progress in-venue audio visual as developments in the field are made. They have also launched Amoenus, a series of immersive performances by experimental artists that showcases the 3D audio and other technology in the space.

Situated on Leake Street aka ‘Banksy Tunnel’, this beautifully restored exposed brick arch is a heady mix of urban graffiti culture with futuristic immersive technology. The venue also works with local street artists to create bespoke artwork for events and also offers a fun team building experience where guests get to learn about graffiti and try their hand at spray painting.

It is the perfect blank canvas for innovative events and for event organisers wanting to wow their guests with something a little different, be it a product launch, conference or corporate party. Since opening in 2018, the space has hosted all types of events and has already built up an impressive client list that includes top music labels and leading tech brands.

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