Best Luxury Cars to Buy in 2018

August 2, 2018

Luxury cars serve the same function as haute couture clothing: it’s where the industry tests out ideas which will later become mainstream, for example, the Mercedes S-Class was the first production car to have anti-lock brakes and an airbag, technology which is now a standard requirement on all cars.  When you buy a luxury car you are getting the very best machine that the manufacturer can produce and that means a panoply of features guaranteed to amuse and entertain, sumptuous interiors, head turning good looks and performance which will make you yearn for traffic free roads on which to enjoy it.  Luxury cars are perhaps the most conspicuous signifier of affluence, people may not be aware of the opulent house in which you live or of the paintings which hang on your wall, but they’ll notice your car.  The cost of these beauties may not be of concern to you but if it is, you might consider an ex demonstrator or a pre registered vehicles.  Dealers will often pre-register cars in order to get their sales bonus from the manufacturer, which means that you can pick up your dream machine for up to thirty per cent off the list price.  Before buying you should also check out which insurance group the vehicle is in, it might just be the deciding factor between models.  Here then are the finest of the finest.

Mercedes S Class Saloon

Widely regarded as ‘the flagship of industry flagship models’ this is a serious contender for the title of best mass-produced car in the world.  Like most luxury vehicles, the Mercedes S Class Saloon comes with a variety of engines and wheelbases.  You can take your luxury with petrol, diesel or hybrid engines but whichever you choose you’ll be in possession of the most advanced motoring technology on the road.  The Mercedes reads the road surface ahead, using radar and its navigation system to break for corners or stop at tolls.  Should you wish to park this beauty in an impossibly tight space, you can get out of the car and park it with an app on your phone.  The plush interior of leather and wood can be illuminated by a choice of sixty-four colours.  Whisper quiet, a joy to drive and a delight to behold, no wonder that for many, this is the one to beat.

BMW 7 Series Saloon

A contender for the crown, there’s no denying that this is a handsome car.  Lively and agile, this is a car with great performance and outstanding comfort.  Like the Mercedes it features a range of cutting edge technology, such as gesture control, which may seem like just a clever gimmick, but is actually a method of control which means you don’t have to take your eyes off the road to reach for a button.  Your driving comfort is taken care of by the precision of electronic driver’s seat and steering wheel adjustment and your passengers will be entertained with wi-fi connected screens and wireless headphones.

Porsche Panemera Hatchback

Hatchback and luxury may not be exactly synonymous, but this car is something else.  It is, without doubt, the most powerful car in which you’ll ever take things to the dump: the 4.0 litre turbo version will shift you from 0-62mph in 3.4 seconds.  A pair of isofix points for child seats will enable your children to enjoy stunning performance, lapped in luxury.

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