Body Holiday St. Lucia – A Luxury Wellness Experience Like No Other

July 27, 2018

Tired of going on the same old beach holidays?  Get bored lying around and relaxing 24/7?  If that sounds familiar, then the luxury resort, Body Holiday in St. Lucia is most definitely for you.

A resort in which you eat, drink, energise, exercise and come back fitter rather than fatter, the Body Holiday offers a wellness experience like no other.  Of course there is the option to chill out to your heart’s content, lounging by one of the many beautiful pools and indulging in daily massages (the packages actually include one treatment per day), but if you want an endorphin hit, while toning up, so that every day you’re there, you look even better in your bikini, then this is the place for you.

Body Holiday’s philosophy is true to its word – give us your body for a week and we’ll give you back your mind – because who knew the combination of massage and exercise balanced with eating and drinking in the resort’s fantastic restaurants would make you feel so amazing on your return?

After a short helicopter ride from the airport with St Lucia Helicopter, you’re greeted on arrival, with a warm Caribbean welcome, a cold drink and a Body Holiday pack with a full timetable of fitness classes and another book full of massage treatments.  You’ll need a few hours in your luxurious bedroom to go through all the info and decide what you’re going to take advantage of!

Set amongst tropical gardens running alongside the beach, the rooms at the Body Holiday resort are wonderful.  With king sized beds and a gigantic round tub bath taking centre stage, the big bathroom stacked full of complimentary products comes complete with a double sinks and full length mirror.  The fridge is fully stocked with beers, wines and soft drinks and the view out from the balcony across the Caribbean sea is truly mesmerising.  With plenty of zen, you’ll feel relaxed as soon as you step inside them.

The massages are a must – especially when you get one free every single day!  Along with the inclusive treatments available which include full body massages based on Swedish massage, there’s also skin specific facials and the Aloe Vera body wrap.  I’d highly recommend trying them all.  The walk up to the spa is somewhat of a hike, but worth every step!  The balcony courtyard with a centre point for refreshments is a hive of activity every hour on the hour, while there’s also another huge pool located here along with the fitness studios and fully equipped gym.  This is where you’ll be whipped into shape by the beautiful body guards – it may seem like hard work at the time, but wow, that first glass of wine by the beach bar afterwards tastes incredible!

With fitness classes ranging from HIIT to Spin and yoga on the roof of the treetop studio, I enjoyed doing all my workouts in the morning, freeing up my afternoons to eat, drink, swim and sunbathe, and not feeling guilty in the slightest!  If you’re a water baby, you’ll be blown away by the amount of sea based activities – from tubing and hobbiecats to floating jacuzzis, jet skis and water ski lessons, there’s just nothing Body Holiday haven’t thought of.  The beach itself, that the resort is built on, is absolutely beautiful.  White sand against the warm Caribbean sea.  My favourite time of the day was early evening as the sun went down.  A warm breeze, that stunning view and a glass of white from the all inclusive bar in hand.  Just dreamy.

Good food is definitely part of the Body Holiday experience and there’s a number of restaurants to cater for all tastes.  Try the delightful tasting menu in Windows if you want to get dressed up, enjoy the most delicious freshly cooked stone baked feta and spinach pizzas for lunch in the Club House with an informal buffet and grill in the evenings.  Enjoy Cariblue for a plentiful breakfast with everything you could wish for to set you up for the day, and for an amazing dining experience, TAO (bookable in advance), offers fine dining and delicious dishes with a fusion of eastern and western influences.  I can highly recommend the hot and sour soup and the duck pancakes – they tasted even better, guilt free after three exercise classes!

Body Holiday is great for the solo traveller – in fact there was definitely as many singles there as couples!  In fact from 26th August – 30th September, it’s September Solos meaning the complex will be filled with like minded solo travellers.  The resort has a brilliant social vibe for meeting new people, while the body guards host group dinners in the evenings so singles can come along and meet other people – a really brilliant idea.

While we were only at Body Holiday a few days, I could easily have spent an entire month here.  Body Holiday offers so much more than any wellness resort I’ve ever visited.  From tailored eating plans to customised exercise programs, along with principles based on Body Science and the Ayurvedic Temple which offers a way of eating and wellness based on Indian philosophy, you could discover something new every time.

Leaving was tough, but I felt energised, relaxed and ready to face the world again.  Need to get the blood pumping again and reignite your passion for life?  The Body Holiday can help – guaranteed.

Click here for the Body Holiday website.

Written by Luxuria Lifestyle UK’s Ashleigh Whitfield


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