Buying Your First Luxury Car

September 14, 2018

Pay rise? Ka-ching!  You’ve been driving around in a standard estate for way too long and now’s the time to invest in your first luxury car!  Whether you’ve got your eye on a Merc or a BMW, or even a Ferrari or Lambo, here’s some things to consider before you make that once in a lifetime purchase.

Cost of Fuel

How much are you going to be driving this beast of a car?!  To work and back? Longer journeys up and down the country?!  Make sure you’ve considered the financial implications of your fuel bills each month.  It’s well worth spending plenty of time comparing how economical your luxury car will be, make sure you research the mpg of you’re nippy new purchase thoroughly.

Repairs & Maintenance

Are you buying a brand new car or one with a few miles on the clock?  What’s included in your warranty?  Make sure you’re fully aware of what’s covered when you buy your new beauty, although there’s plenty of luxury accessories which you can use at home to cut further costs, for example, you can solve emissions problems with an Autel Scanner for diagnostics and analysis.  Car gadgets like these can save time and money on costly trips to the garage.


You thought the car was expensive and then bam, you’ve checked the insurance on it and you’re still in shock!  It’s definitely worth shopping around and using a price comparison site to find the best deal as insurance company quote vary massively.

The key is to be aware of the extra costs and budget for them!  If you’ve got your heart set on your dream motor, then it’s likely nothing will stand in your way!  For some luxury car inspiration, why not check out the Luxuria Lifestyle review of the £744,000 Speedback Silverstone Edition?

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