BVK Bespoke Jewellery

April 19, 2016

The BVK jewellery collection is hand-made, bespoke and made in house by self taught designer Bhavkia.  The pieces do not currently follow seasonal collections as each piece takes inspiration from the world around us.  BVK jewellery is vibrant in terms of colour and design – with the pieces ranging from simple to extravagant there really is something for everyone.  BVK aims to push the boundaries of jewellery design and make each piece as individual and unique as possible.

BVK uses Swarovski crystals, semi-precious stones and freshwater pearls to create truly diverse costume jewellery.  Being a hugely client-focussed business, the truly luxury experience shines through with the designer being in touch personally when creating custom pieces.  “The clients are what allows me, and many other artists, to flourish, create and thrive” Bhavika told Luxuria Lifestyle when discussing her growing business.  Existing orders can be changed and altered so the client really is getting exactly what they want in the end product.

The attention to detail at BVK is second to none, the packaging that the jewellery arrives in is simple and sleek and only enhances the beauty of the product.  All jewellery is stored in anti-tarnishing bags to ensure the quality of the pieces remain indefinitely.  Bhavika continued to tell us about the luxury experience a client will receive shopping with BVK, saying, “Luxury for us is the experience itself, the entire process. It is handcrafted, inspired by history and the world, jewellery with real value and authenticity, which for me is the epitome of luxury.”  With BVK jewellery you can be sure to receive a final product that has been made with thought and care for you desires and needs.

Whether you are working to a budget, colour scheme or particular style, BVK truly listen to the client and advise on how to move forward.  The end goal is always the client’s satisfaction with the product, which is something so personal that many brands can lose that touch of closeness with their customers.  As BVK is growing, it looks set to be creating seasonal collections for those who want luxury costume jewellery to change as quickly as the fashion, but will be continuing with the custom orders as the main driving force behind this unique concept.  In a world of trends, BVK dares to be different and creates bespoke pieces to each individuals needs.

BVK jewellery is currently taking custom orders by emailing  Upcoming collections will soon be available to purchase through Etsy.  Website – coming soon.

Written by Luxuria Lifestyle UK’s Izzy Calabria 

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