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August 9, 2019

Chateau Lafaurie Peyraguey a quiet and beautiful stopover in Bommes

Once we arrived at the airport, a driver was waiting for us in an amazing Porsche! He was kind enough to carry our suitcases and the ride was smooth and powerful. We arrived at the beautiful destination, the original 13th-century wall towers and a gatehouse, and across an idyllic courtyard from the main building we were overlooking the stunning vineyards of Sauternes.

Sauternes vineyard is in Top 12 in France, and we were looking forward to our tasting session the next day. We were given a brief tour of the hotel, which showed us the beautiful piano room, a most perfect spot to relax, a space to listen to some melodic music. We checked into our suite and wow, it featured a beautiful marble bathroom and had a perfect view of the vineyard. We were most suitably impressed!

After a while chilling out and enjoying our suite we began to dress for dinner. The terrific Lalique Hotel and Restaurant opened its doors in June 2018, and with the Michelin Star cuisine, we were looking forward to our dining experience. We met the chef, Jerome Schilling and he seated us at a table so we could see the sun setting over the vineyard. A memory that will live a long time.

We were blown away with the wine when it arrived, we were really enjoying ourselves with the variety. The food was beautiful, eery single dish was served with artistic flair and was perfectly sublime, seasoned and flavoursome, especially the delicious gluten free and rye bread. Sadly we overindulged so much, that we left no room for dessert!

When we got back to the room our bed was already made, the curtain were closed and the delicious jelly sweets and little chocolates on the bedside, by now we had just enough room to try them. Needless to say they just melted in your mouth. What a lovely treat to our evening.

As we woke up and popped on the luxurious dressing gowns and slippers, we looked forward to what breakfast had in store for us. The breakfast room was laid beautifully with a feast of plates with hams, local cheeses, and elegant Lalique bowls of fresh fruit. There was homemade granola and yogurts, warm homemade bread, croissants, mini pancakes, brioche and pains au chocolat. Eggs any way you wish can be chosen from the menu, with the best view by the window over the vineyard. We were lucky with the weather, when we arrived were told it could be cloudy with showers, but as it turned out the skies were blue, with a warm gentle breeze.

At the heart of Sauternes, the property comprises of 36 hectares. We arrived at our wine tasting session, and we were lucky it was just the two of us, we watched a story of how the wine was made and the care and attention that goes into every bottle. We tried four beautiful bottles, which started off from the deep and strong full bodied flavour to lighter shades, and as I’m such a sweet person l liked the in between. Afterwards we went to the vineyard and they showed us around, and explained the procedures from grape to bottle, it was fascinating and so informative. However we felt it was a bit short and would love to try more wine tasting to see the variety.

The hotel is a few minutes from a little village of Sauternes. We had a lovely stroll around the charming village, it had so many picturesque houses and cafés. I would recommend visiting Saint Emilion a Unesco World Heritage Site, which is an hour away from the hotel, unfortunately we ran out of time and missed out this time, but I would highly recommend arranging in advance with the hotel.

Another evening, another beautiful dinner paired with superb wine. We really did enjoy the menu. We decided on the Soft Cauliflower and Vintage Caviar  that paired with Vodka and Beluga Sauce. There was Foie Gras, we found a bit too rich for our liking and we struggled to finish it, it was a stunning dish of Foie Gras with stewed verbena and rhubarb, beautifully presented. One of the main courses was, Milk-fed lamb and Pyrenean peanuts, corn and Kalamata olives, it was a pure delight for the eyes and the tastebuds. I would have preferred the meat to be a little bit more pink but this was simply a matter of personal preference.

This time we made sure we had room for the dessert, but had it in our suite, we were not disappointed, it was Heavenly. The refined cheeses from the local cheesemaker’s and a beautiful dessert, a wonderful end to a truly exquisite stay. We had the last plate of lemon and caviar, creamy hazelnut and crispy meringues with gin and lime sorbet, which was paired with a glass of Lafaurie Peyraguey vintage 1982. We must say the service was fantastic and our excellent waiter brought the trolley of refined cheese selection to our suite.

The hotel kindly served us breakfast in our suite at 5.30am as we had an early flight home. We couldn’t thank them enough, they also offered us a gorgeous bottle of wine to take home. Sadly it wouldn’t be allowed in our hand luggage!

We absolutely loved our stay at Chateau Lafaurie Peyraguey for two nights, with wonderful views and fantastic service. The hospitality is outstanding and the location is extremely peaceful, which is perfect if you wish to escape from a busy lifestyle.

It’s a Chateau that is definitely worth the effort to visit. We left feeling our batteries were totally recharged and mind, body and spirit revitalised.

T:  +33 5 24 22 80 11
A: Lieu dit Peyraguey, 33210 Bommes, France
W: Chateau Lafaurie Peyraguey

Written by India Morse for Luxuria Lifestyle International

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