Chel-Ski, Hit The Slopes At London’s Largest Indoor Ski Centre

December 16, 2017

Chel-Ski, London’s largest indoor ski centre, offers visitors a refreshing way to get piste this Winter!

Whether you’re  a seasoned alpine adventurer, or have never set your feet in skis but fancy a taste of the action, book in for a session with the team at Chel-ski for an invigorating and educational ride on the slopes.

Just a stone’s throw away from the hustle and bustle of the King’s Road in Chelsea, this indoor AstroTurf centre offers breathtaking views of Mont Blanc, courtesy of in2White who have displayed the largest panorama ever made on the wall.

The centre features two seriously impressive remote treadmill-like slopes that rotate uphill.  Moreover, the speed and angles of the slopes are tailored to abilities meaning it is a suitable activity for skiers, snowboarders and young sliders, who want to gain confidence and brush up on existing skills.

Equipment is provided but you are advised to wear comfortable layers for obvious reasons.  Upon check-in, riders are given a useful technique handbook which is used to guide you through the levels and to give you an indication of what is to come.

After a brief introduction and some stretching, you are free to take to the slopes for an adrenalin filled hour.  If you’re a beginner (like me) it can take a few minutes to calm your nerves and find your ski legs but I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly it’s possible to get the hang of the basic techniques.  I credit this to the patient and nurturing instructors on hand, as well as the absence of ski lifts and overcrowding which is often common with snow domes.

Chel-Ski offers a variety of lesson types, including private slope hire for one-to-one sessions, family time and party sessions.  Despite there never being more than three people on a treadmill at a time, hiring the slope exclusively ensures the instructor is able to tailor levels to abilities, so I’d definitely recommend this option.  I was mesmerised to learn that the more advanced users can ski at speeds of up to 30kmh and a gradient of 40 degrees – that certainly gives Olympic downhill racers a run for their money!

If you’re more interested in Apres ski, or perhaps prefer spectator sports, Chel-Ski has a fantastic Alpine Bar serving delicious treats such as cheese raclette and fondue – close your eyes and you might just feel like you’re in Zermatt or St. Moritz.

Luxuria Lifestyle will be back for another ski lesson before hitting the slopes in France over New Year. In fact, we can’t wait to try Chel-Ski’s new offering to whip us into tip top shape; Fit-Ski is a mixture of exercises, both on and off the slope, including squats/lunges/light bodyweight exercises/resistance training and intense skiing exercises to help build strength for key snowsports skills.

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Written by Luxuria Lifestyle UK’s Lara Buckle

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