Create your own ‘Bond Moments’ with Gillette and Spectre

October 23, 2015

As the World prepares for the release of Spectre on October 26th, Luxuria Lifestyle UK attended an exclusive evening with Gillette to celebrate their partnership with the film.  Held at the London Film Museum, Vernon Kay hosted the event which saw interviews with both Special Effects Supervisor Chris Coubould – who has worked on 14 Bond Movies including Spectre, as well as Ian Fleming’s Great Nephew Diggory Laycock.  Guests were treated to a real insight into how the films were written and made, whilst sipping on Bollinger, surrounded by some of the most spectacular cars which have featured in the movies.

Big Bond fans may remember the scene in the 1964 film Goldfinger when James uses a Gillette slim handle adjustable razor whilst on a plane, with a hidden tracking device contained in the handle.  This long standing association between James Bond – the epitome of cool and confidence, along with Gillette’s ideal of how a man’s grooming should be pivotal to his success and appearance, has resulted in the brilliant ‘Bond Moments’ campaign coming to fruition.  This series of iconic action scenes inspired by James Bond and linking back to the exact Gillette tools which can prepare men for their very own ‘Bond Moments,’ celebrate the times in every man’s life when he feels ‘in control and confident’.  Gillette has also partnered with Skyfall and Spectre’s award-winning costume designer Jany Temime to produce a guide of helpful style hints and tips so men everywhere can look their very best.


In celebration of Spectre and Gillette’s perfect partnership, the Fusion ProGlide razor with FlexBall Technology gift pack is now available to buy at

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