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December 20, 2017

In today’s hectic, fast-paced and sometimes dizzying environment of instant communication and 24/7 feedback through seemingly unending media channels, it can often be hard to sort out fact from fiction and a bad deal from a good one. It can be harder still to actually believe that you can get anything worthwhile without wreaking havoc on your bank account.

Yet, the well-established, longstanding CLC World free holidays promotion proves that it is still possible to receive something valuable without draining your precious resources. It provides a 7-night stay at one CLC World’s fabulous, sun-soaked resorts – without putting a dent in your wallet.

In essence, through the CLC World free holiday promotion, you’ll have seven nights to enjoy at a CLC World resort – including superb accommodation and full access to the resort’s first-class amenities and top-notch activities, such as state-of-the-art spas, exciting entertainment and palm-fringed pools beneath cloudless skies – in one of the globe’s most sought-after destinations. A CLC World free holiday gives you all of this without you having to expend any of your well-earned money. The only things you’ll be responsible for financially, other than a minimal booking fee, are your own travel expenses, food and insurance.


The Particulars

Now, many – especially in these modern times where promises seem to be made and broken with disappointing regularity – may find themselves wondering if this offer seems just too good to be true. If you’re of this mind-set, you may even be asking yourself an all-too-familiar question: “What’s the catch?” And, this is a perfectly reasonable response, particularly considering that the news appears to confront us with stories that describe behaviour which doesn’t adhere to even minimal standards of honesty.

However, in the case of the CLC World free holidays promotion – what it says it offers is exactly what you will be given. CLC World has been in business for more than 30 years and this privately-owned company prides itself on its stellar reputation, built on delivering spectacular holiday experiences in award-winning properties.


Specifically, in the case of the CLC World free holidays promotion, the only thing that CLC World asks of you, in return for a 7-night stay in one of its resorts, is that you head over to one of their CLC World Travel Centres, which are located throughout the UK, and spend a morning or afternoon getting to know more about their services and products. When you arrive for your scheduled appointment, you’ll be greeted warmly by a friendly and knowledgeable CLC World representative who will lead you through a fun, interactive and informative multimedia presentation.

That’s it.

After that, all that’s left for you to do is make your way over to paradise where you’ll have seven nights to bask in the plush accommodation and incredible features of a CLC World resort.


Where You Can Stay

If you’re still a sceptic, perhaps convinced that a CLC World free holiday cannot possibly yield so much value for so little investment, your opinion might be swayed when you learn a little bit more about the amazing resorts and destinations, which are included in this promotion.

For example, should you take advantage of the CLC World free holiday promotion, you’ll be able to choose a 7-night holiday in one of three superb CLC World resorts, set in three dazzling locations. You can take your pick from Marina del Sol, which is situated on the glorious Costa del Sol in Andalucia, Spain; Paradise, which sits perched on a hilltop in Costa Adeje on the Canary Island of Tenerife; and Kusadasi Golf & Spa which is nestled on the magnificent Aegean coast of Turkey.

So, if you’d like to escape to the white-sand beaches and sparkling Mediterranean waters of the Costa del Sol, get away to the exotic volcanic shores of Tenerife or luxuriate in the sun on the Aegean coast – all in the plush surroundings of a spectacular CLC World resort – then you should definitely check out the always popular CLC World free holidays promotions.

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