For the Tastiest of Steaks and the Coolest of Vibes, STK Meatpacking New York

February 18, 2018

Without having ever set in the foot in the restaurant, STK Meatpacking just sounds cool doesn’t it?!  Turns out after visiting, it is cool too!  Whether you’re in the Big Apple with a group of guys or girls, boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife, I’d strongly recommend you make your way down to STK for a buzzy atmosphere, sensational steak, and cocktails which will have your mouth watering the moment they’re slammed down on those gigantic tables.

I’ve been to a few STK’s in my time, which is why I was so keen to visit the original STK Meatpacking on my girlie weekend away.  ‘Mingling and meeting new friends is all part of the social experience’ said my reservation email – ‘and we recommend dressing to impress… you never know who you’re gonna meet’.  Sound advice I’d say…

And so, with a 9pm booking on a Tuesday night in New York, we rocked up in our heels and Hermes, ready to take on whatever the night threw at us (as long as there wasn’t any walking involved – we’d done every block and ave in the city by this point!)

With exposed brick walls, enormous round tables, banquette seating, cosy corners, seductive lighting (and I think I may have even spotted a glitter ball), STK had an electric vibe as soon as we walked in.  Mid November certainly wasn’t the time to be checking out the roof terrace but come summer, apparently this is where it’s at…

We knocked back delicious cocktails (we would definitely recommend you try the vodka based Strawberry Cobbler complete with cheesecake on the glass rim), and got chatting to a table of ten gorgeous guys who dishes out plenty of advice on the do’s and don’ts of NYC.

A phone number later (!), we were all alone again, ready to dedicate some well deserved time to our awesome starters of thick, beefy burrata, pumpkin seed pesto, pickled butternut squash and crispy pumpkin chips.  The combination of flavours was just so satisfying.  We also went for the porcini ragu and I would literally fly all the way across the Atlantic just to eat this again.  Hearty, earthy porcini wrapped in the softest of pasta parcels.  But it was the parmesan and perigord truffle that gave this dish the strong, memorable taste to savour.

Could things get better?  Oh yes they could, because incidentally, STK means STEAK (sure you got that but..)  When in Rome, what could be better than the tastiest fattest rib-eye, served with chips the size of building blocks and a béarnaise sauce so creamy that I felt the calories just looking at it?!  Food heaven.  Literally.

By the time we got to dessert, there was definitely a club vibe in the air with a really cool DJ playing Martin Solveig remixes which just begged to be *Shazamed.  We contemplated not having dessert, but given that the food we’d eaten had been so ridiculously luxurious, we just couldn’t turn down the STK donuts and a sticky toffee pudding with extra toffee sauce which made the mouth water.  THAT good.  Seriously.

Whatever you’re after at STK, they’ve got it going on.  Romantic night?  Take a dimly lit corner.  Big group of guys or girls?!  Go mingle!

One of the best dining experiences you can have in New York.  STK Meatpacking is where it’s at.

*Incidentally, the tune we Shazamed was Martin Solveig THE NIGHT OUT.  Yep, exactly…

Written by Luxuria Lifestyle UK’s Ashleigh Whitfield

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