Four Luxurious Gadgets to Buy if You Won the Money!

January 22, 2018

The technology industry is a world of huge innovation and bright thinking.  The finest engineers and inventors have developed some amazing creations that have shaped our world and improved our lives for the better.

The problem is, gaining access to those magnificent marvels, glorious gadgets, and impressive inventions don’t come cheap. Having the finest technology with the very best specifications can come at an extraordinarily high cost, often making them a priceless luxury that only the richest people on Earth can afford.

But if you won a huge sum of money, getting a windfall from a bet or a casino, which luxurious gadgets and pieces of technology would you splash the cash on? You may just find some inspiration for your wishlist below.


The Personal Submarine

Credit: The Mented Street via Facebook

Going on a group submarine tour is affordable, sure, but have you ever considered buying your very own submarine for personal use? With the personal submarine from Hammacher Schlemmer, you can own your very own aquatic vessel for $2 million.

That hefty price tag will get you a two-person submersible that will allow you to safely explore coral reefs and shipwrecks. The personal submarine also boasts a thick acrylic sphere that will keep passengers safe in the mesopelagic zone (between 200 and 1,000 meters below the ocean’s surface) and a six-hour battery life just long enough to go on one wonderful underwater tour.


VR Headsets

Image via Pexels

Virtual reality gaming is one of the leading technology trends right now. VR headsets allow you to experience all sorts of games in a thrilling first-person.

You can become a racecar driver in driving games such as Gran Turismo Sport, as you witness the tarmac rush under your vehicle as you vie for first place. You can also scare yourself witless in horror games such as Resident Evil 7 as the first-person perspective of the headset just heightens the tense atmosphere.

Casino games online are even starting to incorporate VR now, too. This type of game allows you to explore game rooms in immersive 3D, interacting with the dealer and observing other players’ movements.

VR offers an immersion unlike anything else; it’s just a shame that VR headsets can be so expensive. Headsets like the HTC Vive can set you back by over $1,000 and that’s not including the high-end PC that you’ll need to actually play VR games. Other pricey headsets include the Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR.


Datorbox PC

Speaking of high-end computers, the Datorbox is a high-end desktop PC that represents magnificent technological advancement at a high price point. The Datorbox is VR-ready and supports 4K and what’s more is that it offers this technology in a compact size.

Its small size and handcrafted wooden case make it a beautiful (but expensive) alternative to chunkier desktop PC units. The Datorbox’s creator Love Hulten also says that the machine will run quietly, even when the PC is working hard to deliver high-performance PC gaming.

Just 50 of these desktops PCs have been made, making it an extremely limited bit of kit to get. The Gamers Deluxe edition, which boasts a 256GB hard drive, costs just under $3,000. There’s also the slightly more affordable Gamers edition (it comes with a 128GB hard drive) that costs around $2,500.

In order to get the best technology, you have to pay the best prices. But if you have cash winnings to spend, why not bag yourself a luxurious gadget, or two?

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