Get Lashes Like Kim Kardashian at London Lash!

July 18, 2018

When it comes to eyelash extensions, I didn’t think there was anything I hadn’t tried… But London Lash in St. John’s Wood was about to open my eyes quite literally!

They’re brand spanking new salon is beautifully kitted out – complete with stunning receptionist to greet you when you arrive.  From classic natural sets through to dramatic, I was really excited to see ‘The Kardashian Lashes’ on the list – because I’m aware Kim’s lashes are a very unique style, but I didn’t actually think it was possible to re-create the look.  Karolina, the Master Lash Artist explained that indeed they can be re-created – by applying spiky, dramatic, messy lashes of differing lengths.  Who knew?  Kardashian me up!  The treatment took just under 2 hours, but the process was unbelievably relaxing.

After a consultation while Karolina assessed my eye shape and talked over the types of lashes I wanted and the level of glam I wanted to achieve, the magic began.  The time flew by (probably because I’d fallen asleep on their comfy treatment beds with a fleecy blanket and I couldn’t believe the transformation when I opened my eyes again!  Eyelash extensions like these ones cause absolutely no damage to the natural eyelash and refit sessions to keep your original set going longer can be booked in up to the fifth session, when you’ll need a fresh set.

As well as having salons in both Manchester and London, professional luxury beauty brand London Lash Pro which was set up by Hanna Putjato also provides eyelash and eyebrow training to salon specialists.  From full eyelash extension training (Classic and Volume techniques), to eyebrow training (eyebrow architecture, henna brows) and lash filler training, if you’d ever considered a career in a beauty specialism which is only set to be more and more in demand, then you can enrol on the training courses which range from VIP one-to-one sessions, to group sessions. (Prices range from £400 – £800.)

And if you’re new to eyelash extensions and want to try them, London Lash gave Luxuria Lifestyle some sound advice!

Classic/individual lashes – Lashes are applied onto your natural lash individually lash by lash.  The most traditional way of eyelash extensions application.

Volume lashes/Russian lashes – Super thin extensions are formed into ‘fans’ and applied onto your natural lashes. 2D or 3D will indicate how many lashes will be applied onto each individual lash.  For more dramatic looks, 2-3 hours for application.

Flat/cashmere lashes – The fibre of the eyelash extensions has been flattened, so visually lashes appear thicker than they really are.  A great alternative to regular classic lashes and it creates the same dense
look but less weigh applied on the natural lash.

Mink Lashes – Mink is a type of synthetic fibre used for eyelash extension production. Normally mink lashes are slightly glossier and create darker/bolder appearance.

Silk lashes – Silk is another type of synthetic fibre used for  eyelash production. Silk lashes are slightly thinner, more matt and more natural looking than mink lashes.

London Lash is now open in St. John’s Wood and also in Manchester.  Book here and see the world through a Kardashian’s eyes!  You’ll never look back!

Written by Luxuria Lifestyle UK’s Ashleigh Whitfield

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