Getting Race Ready: What To Wear At Race Meets

January 9, 2017


Watching sports is a sport in itself – the preparation, the travelling, the cost of a ticket, the food, drinks, even making sure you’ve put enough aside to have a bit of a flutter once you get there… So if you are already making an effort in other departments, shouldn’t you also want to look good too? Fashion and sport didn’t used to be such good bedfellows, but now, thanks to sponsorship and models who also happen to play the games (or should that be sportsmen and women who also happen to model?) it’s an important aspect of the entire day out.

What, then, should you wear? It depends on the sport you’re spectating – horse racing demands a different aesthetic to football, which has a different look to cricket.

Horse racing is wear fashion is generally at its best. Because for many races – the big ones, the ones the Queen attends anyway – there is an actual dress code, it’s a little easier to prepare an outfit. Cheltenham, for example, specifies no exact dress code, but the organisers do suggest that men wear suits and ladies wear hats. Royal Ascot, of course, is all about the fashion – and hats are an essential part of that, the bigger the better.

It is important to understand the rules of whichever big racing meet is it you are attending; you don’t want to pick the wrong outfit and feel self-conscious about it all day. If you do that, you’ll be missing out on the fun of the race itself. Try to stick to classic designs and colours and let them speak for themselves. And of course, dress for the weather and the season. By their very nature, these races take place outside. It won’t be much of an enjoyable day if you are shivering or sweating in the wrong clothing.

Many designers create looks specifically for the races, knowing that the world will see them. Some of these outfits – the bespoke men’s suits, the iconic designer labels for the women – can cost many hundreds, if not thousands of pounds, so why not try a horse racing themed slot machine before you go – you might just win enough to buy your beautiful outfit!

While you’re there, you could check whether the current odds for the race are up at Betway and work out which horses you are going to put some money on. Horse racing odds change quickly, so having a handy app like Betway’s will keep you up to date with all the news at the track.

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