Hawaiian Vacation: How to Choose an Island When Traveling with Kids

April 20, 2018

Hawaii has long been thought of as the perfect getaway for honeymooners, but the islands have much to offer for everyone, in particular families.  There are so many reasons why Hawaii has become one of the best family-friendly destinations for all year round fun.  From the attractions and shopping of Oahu, the untouched and natural beauty of the Big Island to the luxury travel and Hawaii beach homes, there are so many reasons why it’s the perfect destination for everyone.

No matter the age of your kids, you and the entire family can put a beautiful tropical vacation in the middle of the Pacific. Here are some of the best tips to navigating this amazing place. I hope you enjoy reading more about it.


Oahu Pixabay
(Photo Credit: Pixabay alemus)

Home to the tourist hub of Waikiki and the bustling metropolis, there’s no other city in America that so defies expectation.  You’ll find here some of the best Asian fusion food, stunning beaches, and first-timer friendly hiking trails through the city’s mountains to access gushing waterfalls.

Yes, the beauty of Oahu doesn’t limit with its urban vibe.  Like other islands in Hawaii, Oahu is a home to bountiful nature, but unlike the other islands, Oahu isn’t so remote that you struggle to find a good latte.  This island offers the most well-rounded experience in all of Hawaii, with the communities of Haleiwa and Kailua offering world-class cuisine, great surf spots, and white sand beaches, not to mention affordable house rentals and Hawaii beach homes.  The island of Oahu is a perfect destination for a family or couple who are looking for a getaway that will keep them busy day and night with tons of activities for all ages. During daytime, hit the beach for scuba diving, snorkelling and try some of the best surfing in the world. As the sun goes down, hit the dance floor in the rhythmic nightlife of Oahu Island.

The only bad thing is Oahu is crowded and the traffic can be bad.  The good thing is that most kids love it.  If you’re good with crowds, Oahu is perfect!



Maui Pixabay
(Photo Credit: Pixabay BKD)

Tourists or visitors looking for a polished family vacation with impossibly stunning beaches should go straight to Maui. It offers the best of Hawaii with a fresh-from-the-farm to table food scene, great tropical retreats, a little adventure to cater to older kids, and some of the world’s most jaw-dropping beaches on the western side of the island. This place is great for families who prefer a destination filled with lots of tourist fun, but there are many rural getaways too. You’ll definitely enjoy the beautiful blue water and amazing sunsets. Mesmerizing coastal drives filled with some of the best whale-watching in the state are also something to marvel at. Visit the most historic spot on this island – the Lahaina Town.

Kids will definitely love Maui. It’s a great place for first-timers who never mind how many people they have to share the beach with. Maui is also a great place for adventurous families who like to swim in waterfalls and hike in dormant volcanoes.



(Photo Credit: Pixabay TC_Perch)

For some people who imagine what Hawaii looks like, Kaui is definitely the image that comes into their heads. Crystal clear waters that are great for diving, lush tropical greenery, a slow pace, and many hiking trails that lead to waterfalls are just a few things that Kuai has to offer.  The surf is great here too with beaches and playgrounds are child-friendly and can cater to the entire family. Kauai Island is the oldest and most historic of the Hawaiian Islands.

Most kids love Kauai.  Its simplicity is the kind of places that families to stay, enjoy and hang out with each other on this island.

Big Island: Resort fans and adventurers loves to visit the Big Island.  This island has a lot to offer such as sightseeing to an active volcano, snorkel with dolphins and manta rays, crazy hiking trails that lead to amazing stargazing, and various Hawaiian foods that are best for the entire family.  Big Island is best for families with kids of all ages.

This island is a perfect destination for families looking for an unforgettable adventure.



This island is best for people who are looking for a luxury travel. Lanai Island is not for budget travellers or visitors, especially those who have young kids, as you need to explore the place via off-road vehicles that are too bumpy. If you’ve got money to spend and looking for an upscale resort vacation sans crowds, Lanai is perfect for your family.



(Photo Credit: Pixabay aishahillbilly)

Molokai is like Oahu before Pan Am arrived. There is nothing extremely awesome about this island. The food is mediocre and there are no real tourist services. However, if you want a laid-back beach vacation in a cottage, and just enjoy the beach, Molokai is perfect for your family.

There is no resort here so don’t bother booking a ticket. Molokai is for adventurous people and for families who want a quiet vacation away from a crowded place.

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