How To Get Bikini-Ready in 24 Hours

April 4, 2017

Bikini-ready body grooming and skin prep treatments are essential for achieving flawless skin, to prepare for the summer bikini.  Here’s the Luxuria Lifestyle guide to achieving a bikini-ready body in twenty-four hours.

I recently enjoyed a ‘Bikini Facial’ treatment by bea Skin Clinic in Marylebone London, to get my bikini line groomed and lower body skin prepped with a cleanse and exfoliation, finished with a bespoke serum application and soothing massage.  Founded by experienced Skin Specialist Bianca Estelle, bea’s Clinical Director, began her career as a senior laser therapist working with an array of high profile clients in Harley Street, London.  Bianca and her team at bea Skin Clinic, treat every skin condition with the latest cosmetic equipment as well as the latest bea Skin Care medical grade products – Cosmeceuticals.  On Bianca’s team is Sarah Cordier, a renowned celebrity aesthetician who carried out the bikini-facial treatment on my lower body.  Sarah works closely with Bianca, at the bea Skin Clinic and has over 19 years experience, in the beauty industry.

bea Clinic, Marylebone

Sarah is widely sought after for her qualified therapy sessions, comprehensive training courses and VIP treatments.  She has appeared on TV (QVC) and has gained positive feedback from Vogue, Tatler, OK Magazine, ELLE, Daily Mail and celebrities alike.

At the consultation prior to the treatment, Bianca welcomed me explaining the 40-minute treatment process, before introducing me to aesthetician Sarah, who conducted the Bikini-Facial.

The Bikini-Facial is an ideal pre-holiday treatment for both men and women.  They are fully customisable and are used to diminish skin discolouration, shrink open pores, remove dead skin and tidy up ingrowing hairs – perfect if you’re going to be wearing a bikini.

A similar process to what a normal facial would consist of, using bespoke products from the bea Skin Care range, Sarah began the Bikini-Facial treatment on my lower body.

It started with a gentle cleanse and exfoliation to lift dead skin cells and encourage cell renewal.  Then a firming serum was added, followed by the in-grown hair treatment and a moisturiser before a special antibacterial topical was then applied after the bikini facialto prevent the formation of blemishes in the area.

I thoroughly enjoyed the luxurious Bikini-Facial treatment, feeling pampered to perfection afterwards.  A ten out of ten from me.

The bea Skin Clinic also have a selection of products which can be used to maintain the effects after you have had the treatment – these are provided bespoke to each client by Bianca, and are suited to their skin type.

Post-treatment care included a number of products from the bea skincare range to take home.  These included the Brightening Body Lotion and two beauty bars – Argan Oil Beauty Bar and Kojic Acid Radiance Bar.
Bikini-Facial available from the bea Skin Clinic, Marylebone from £150.

After the Bikini-Facial treatment, I waited the required 24-hours before applying ‘Fake Bake 5 Minute Mousse’ self-tan to my body, for an instant bronzed colour.  It has a cutting-edge ‘colour lock down formula’, super-quick speed-dry formula, is non-transferable, waterproof, gives an instant tan and the bronzed colour develops as you wear it.

Fake Bake 5 Minute Mousse (£22)

Written by Luxuria Lifestyle UK’s Rachel Evans

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