How to Recreate a Luxury 5-Star Mini-Break From Home in 2017

February 9, 2017

Travel is often the biggest deterrent of mini-breaks and weekends away.  Not only does it require time, but it induces stress and requires a lot of preparation.  This year why not consider maximising your relaxation time by bringing the mini-break to your home?  With minimal preparation the holiday can begin the moment you step through your front door. Here are four ways that the five-star resort experience can be transferred to the comfort of your abode:


Hire a Private Chef

Recreate the fine dining experience of a five-star resort through hiring a private chef to cook a gourmet three-course meal right in your kitchen. Companies such as La Belle Assiette have qualified chefs all over the country available for bookings. The menu is selected in advance and in London there is currently a choice of over 200 menus ranging from Thai to pub classics and everything in between. The chefs purchase all the necessary ingredients, cook the food in your kitchen, serve it and then clean up at the end! You will not need to fret about making sure your cupboard is stocked with the necessarily staples as even the basic ingredients, for example cornflour, will be brought with the chef.  The finest cuisine can be experienced without having to leave the home; La Belle Assiette offers a Michelin-quality menu under their ‘signature’ package.


Enjoy an Evening at the Online Casino

The development of online gambling services means that the excitement of a casino can be experienced without necessarily having to set foot in one.  An eight-hour flight to the USA does not need to be suffered for the adrenaline rush of the Las Vegas casinos.  Many online casinos such as Betway now offer the opportunity to play live on roulette and poker tables against real people.  Alongside this there are countless varieties of online slot machines and live sports betting.  A full evening of glitzy entertainment is available right at your fingertips.


A Cocktail-Making Masterclass at Home

Cocktails mark a special occasion and mobile bar services have recognised the desire for this luxury to be recreated at home.  Companies such as The Bartender Hire Company offer bars that vary in size, with the smallest being one meter, which can be hired for a weekend.  Furthermore, they offer a ‘cocktail clinic’ in which a trained bartender will offer a two-hour masterclass and provide a history of cocktails and the opportunity to mix (and drink) a few classics. This kind of hands-on, personal experience would be difficult to get even on a mini-break.


Rent a Mobile Sauna

As mini-breaks are largely designed to get away from the stresses of everyday life, it would not be complete without a sauna.  In 2017 there is the ability to bring the spa to your back garden through renting a luxury sauna for a memorable weekend.  The bespoke mobile saunas from Royal Tubs are wood-fired and perfect for anyone who wants to make their weekend special.  The saunas are suitable for any weather conditions and can give a temporary feeling of a tropical climate and a lasting feeling of relaxation!  The company will arrange a drop-off and pick-up time that is suitable for you.

In 2017 we no longer have to travel for a luxury mini-break as these services allow to curate our own and transform our homes into a relaxing paradise.  In some ways these services create an experience more personal than a resort mini-break.  This way holiday time can be maximised and stress can be minimised, which is always the ultimate goal when planning a mini-break.

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