Leaf by Bellabeat – A Stylish Health Tracker For Any Outfit

March 14, 2016

The LEAF by Bellabeat is a woman’s health tracker created by women, for women.  Because of this, not only does it track your heath and lifestyle but also blends into any outfit by looking like a piece of jewellery.

Available in both silver and rose gold the LEAF is wearable in three separate ways; round the neck as a necklace, round the wrist as a bracelet; or as a clip.  This means that you can track your sleep, movement and health and look good while doing it.  Downloading the app to a smartphone means that insights into health and lifestyle are at the users fingertips.

The LEAF has three main areas that can be tracked: sleep, activity and breathing.  The sleep tracker monitors sleep quality and quantity meaning that wearer is able to keep an eye on the number of hours they are getting per night.  The information is kept on a chart, which allows the user to identify light and deep periods of sleep and gives them a true insight into their body and their resting periods.

The activity tracker monitors physical activity that lasts for more than five minutes, as this is substantial activity.  The activity chart then shows the user how many steps they have done, how many calories they have burned during active time and how many miles they have walked during active time.  This allows the user to understand and appreciate the importance of physical activity and understand that they don’t necessarily have to go to the gym, to remain active and healthy.

The LEAF also helps with stress reduction by providing the user with breathing activities and techniques  to control breathing and subsequently this is said to help with stress.  The LEAF tracks what breathing exercises the user has done and encourages them to continue doing more.

On top of these features, the LEAF goes one step further for women and monitors reproductive health.  The user can track what days they have their period as well as looking forward to identifying when the most fertile days during the menstrual cycle will be.  The period part of the app also includes sweet notes designed to brighten up the user’s during PMS times.

The LEAF is a unique take on a popular concept and we love it.  Wearing the LEAF not only gives you a deeper understanding of your body and lifestyle but will also ensure that compliments on your new designer jewellery are never too far away.

You can order your very own LEAF at

Written by Luxuria Lifestyle UK’s Izzy Calabria

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