Less Pain & More Gain with Anita Active Sports Bras & Oofos Recovery Shoes

March 18, 2016

When working out or engaging in a high intensity sporting activity, we must wear the right sportswear and look after our post exercise recovery.

Whether it’s heading to the gym to do cardio, pumping iron or playing squash there are two important body parts (as women) that we must look after during and after exercising: the breasts and feet.

Sports bras from Anita active are designed to be functional and hold everything in place-especially your bust.

The Anita Active philosophy is simple: “To avoid pain and overstretching the sensitive connective tissue, you should always wear a special sports bra during exercise.”

“During sports such as jogging or horse riding your breasts are exposed to extreme strains: your bust moves up and down about nine centimeters per step.

These undesired movements are reduced up to 78% by wearing a perfectly fitting sports bra.”

During cardio & weights training sessions I am wearing the Anita Active Extreme Control bra (RRP £48.00) in the new Rio Colourway- a nod to the 2016 Rio Olympics.

The bra is made of high function pique fabric and features seamless towelling cups for extra comfort. A breathable mesh back keeps me cool with padded straps and three section outer cup with sickle shaped side support. Colours available in black, white, honeycomb, green anthracite and the brand new Rio Colourway.
Looking after your feet after intense training sessions and workouts is also vital to help reduce post workout soreness and recovery so you can workout the next day.

Oofos original recovery footwear is a brand focused on helping your feet recover in time for the next workout.  Recovery is the key word here – with OOfoam technology, the patented footbed design absorbs impact, cradles your arches and allows you to move naturally.  Your feet will know the difference.

After workouts I slip on a pair of the ‘Women’s Ooriginal ‘ shoe in fuchsia (£40) – the new colour for 2016, although they are available in 13 great colours.  This post-workout shoe is a best seller, designed to soothe and reinvigorate your feet after a workout.

My feet take a pounding five days a week – as a bikini athlete training 5 days a week cardio and weights sessions.  I often get swollen sore feet and the Oofos shoe helps as I recover from the workout.  Proper recovery enables me to focus for the next days training session.

I like the comfort and style of the pink (fuchsia) ‘Women’s Ooriginal’ shoe which looks like a super-luxe flip flop.  They also look great with jeans at the weekend on rest days when I’m not training.  There are a few styles to choose from – with inspirational comforting names like ‘Men’s OOAHH Sport’, ‘Men’s OOAHH’ and ‘Women’s Ooriginal’ or the ‘Women’s OOAHH’.  Depending on style – colours to choose from include black, blue, melon, fuchsia pink or navy.

Written by Luxuria Lifestyle UK’s Rachel Evans

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