Long Luxurious Lashes at Agnes Dos Santos, London

June 28, 2017

Having visited many a lash bar over the years in my quest for long, luscious lashes, I was very much looking forward to my visit to Agnes Dos Santos in Kensington who’ve been fitting lashes for their celebrity clientele for the past seven years.

The salon insisted I came in for a lash test 24 hours before my fitting (always sensible, even if you wear lashes a lot, as different places use different glue.)  This 30 minute appointment involved actually attaching just a few fine lashes to each eye and then avoiding eye make-up over night, to check that there were no allergies.

Thankfully, I was all good to go, and returned the following day for Pepi to work her magic!  As  I’ve said, I’m a lash extension regular, but I was genuinely taken aback by the amount of choice.  From the curl of the lash, to the length (between 8mm and 16mm), along with the type of lash (ranging from mink to diamond to natural and even ombré and coloured), Pepi talked me through each one explaining what would suit me best depending on the shape of my eye and the overall look I wanted to achieve.

With naturally long lashes anyway, I wanted to go for long and dramatic but without the heaviness that you get with some lashes.  The rule of thumb is if you can feel them on your eyes, then they are too heavy!

I decided on the feather lashes which are made from vegan friendly luxury fibres.  These are the lightest lashes you can get, whilst creating that wide eyed ‘I woke up like this’ volume!

We also decided to go for a range of lengths for a natural looking lash that followed the shape of the eye.  Pepi recommended using a selection from 8mm up to 12mm on my eyes.

Agnes Dos Santos

And then with the patience of a saint and the precision of a fairy sprinkling fairy dust, my eyelashes were applied one by one.  It takes around two hours for a full fitting, but with low level music playing in the background, a comfy bed, and even a big cosy blanket to snuggle up with, the time just melted away!  I even felt myself nodding off a few times and that’s a few more times than I’ve ever nodded off having a relaxing massage!

If you’ve never had lashes fitted before, the sensation is quite pleasant.  Obviously you have to keep your eyes closed throughout the process, while your bottom lashes are protected by two pads, but it really just feels like someone is applying mascara for a really long time!

When the lash fitting was complete, I was told to open my eyes very slowly in case of any sticky bits and then I was shown the results…

Agnes Dos Santos

I was really pleased with the finished look.  The combination of long to short lashes made the overall appearance really natural while there was still the length and volume I was looking for, and the best bit, I couldn’t and still can’t feel them one bit!  Light as air, they feel like they have always been there, and my consumption of mascara is about to plummet as will my ‘getting ready’ time in the mornings!

It’s no wonder Agnes Dos Santos have a wide celeb client base, this beautiful little boutique also sells their own collection of false lashes along with a make-up range and even their own book on the perfect lashes.

With a parting gift of a super cute eye mask which is shaped perfectly for those with long lashes, I was on my merry way, batting and fluttery my feather look proudly all the way home.

Three weeks later, my lashes are still fully in tact too!

Written by Luxuria Lifestyle UK’s Ashleigh Whitfield

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