Luxuria Lifestyle’s Top Toys For 2017!

February 6, 2017

With so many toys coming onto the market, it’s hard to know which ones will be a waste of money and which will last for years to come. But if you want to keep you little on entertained for hours, here’s a few of our tops toys for 2017!


T-Scooter smartTrike

My little boy is a massive fan of children’s films and would quite happy watch Toy Story and Cars back to back all day long, therefore I am always looking for fun ways to get him to enjoy the great outdoors. smarTrike have always been passionate about supporting children in discovering nature whilst developing new skills, so when I found out they were bringing out a brand new innovative range of scooters, I was very excited.

The scooters comes in three unique models suitable for little ones from as young as 15 months, right up to 3 years.  As Zachary is not yet two, I ordered him the smarTrike® T1 3 stage scooter which is suitable for children 15 months and up.  It has three adaptable stages which will give him time to gradually gain the confidence and skills before I move it up to the next stage.  Stage 1, which Zachary is still using is the sitting position which allows him to ride while being seated.  Having a seat has meant that he is learning how to push himself along.  He has been really enjoying playing with the scooter indoors whilst he works on his balance and technique and has been happily whizzing around kitchen island while I make tea.

Stage 2 which I think we will move up to in the spring  is all about practicing and gaining confidence.  The seat is removed and the T-lock function prevents the handlebars from tilting allowing your child to feel secure while they learn how to ride and stage 3 is freestyle riding.  The T-lock is engaged, which means the tilting mechanism allows your child to ride freestyle.  There are also two further models available in the range; the T3 Scooter suitable from 2 years+ and the T5 Scooter suitable from 3 years+
It won’t be long before the weather warms up and we can venture outdoors, which I am really looking forward to.  By that time he’ll be whizzing round the park!  I am really impressed with this scooter and more importantly Zachary seems to love it.


Baby Annabell Brother

Whenever I take Zachary to his friends Honor’s house, the toy of choice is always the baby Annabell and the pram, so to my husbands delight (!) I decided to get him a doll.  Now, rather than go for one all dressed in pink, I chose the Baby Annabell Brother from Zapf Creation.   The doll, which he refers to as ‘Baby’ is very lifelike.  It gurgles, coos and cries, sucks when he’s drinking or sucking his dummy, cries real tears, drinks real water and can be soothed by rocking him and patting his back or stroking his face.  Not only does he blink but he closes his eyes and snores when he’s asleep.  He comes dressed in a beautiful blue velour babygro with matching, removable hat.

I can’t say Zachary is the best of parents, as poor baby is quite often stripped of his clothes and made to wear a nappy quite a few sizes too big – but he’s trying.  When he cries, he offers him his bottle and gets quite upset when his hat comes off.  The doll also comes with a dummy, a bottle, a bib and a heart shaped pendant.  It is about the size of a very small newborn baby and is great for getting children used to being around newborn babies and getting to understand how to care for a baby.

Although Zachary is not quite two and this doll is from 3+, I wanted to get him one that would last him a while and he would be able to interact with – at the end of the day he is a boy and boys do love things that make noise.  The doll is also very loved by all of his little girlfriend’s that come round.  If you are going to buy a doll for your child then this is the one – he looks realistic and can also be turned off when your little one just wants a doll to cuddle.  I think he will be loved for a long time to come in our household.



SmartMax is an award-winning magnetic construction system which allows children of all ages the chance to be creative, to learn and to explore the fascinating world of magnetism and most importantly, to have fun.  When this arrived, it was just after Christmas and Zachary had already been spoilt with lots of Christmas gifts, so I didn’t think that this was going to catch his attention. But, I was wrong – he immediately loved it.  Each piece is large, colourful and chunky which really appealed to him.  Coming up to two, he is too young to understand way some colour repel and some don’t but he soon worked out that if it didn’t work he just needed to turn it round.  I have the smallest of sets, but I soon wished we had more  – especially the set that allows you to build a marble run for the balls to roll down.

I think the reason the toys are so popular is because Zachary feels a real sense of achievement when he’s built something, and wants to show it off.  A lot of construction toys for little tots tend to be a bit basic. Perhaps wooden blocks or large Lego type pieces – things that push together without too much thought.

SmartMax toys are very different because they use magnets and they have to really concentrate to build something.  The magnets are very strong, but if they get it wrong or don’t put supports in the right place the structure will collapse.  Whatever they decide to make, it’s a real achievement when they finish.

A lot of friends who have come round with their little ones, have loved the SmartMax design and ordered some for their children.  Zachary loves playing with this toy, which makes me happy because it is not only fun it is educational.

Available from and many independent stockists


Little Tikes Builder’s Bay Sand and Water Table

Little Tikes Sand and Water Table
Little Tikes Sand and Water Table

My little boy loves water.  Since being a baby, he has loved slashing and getting himself soaking wet, no matter how cold the water or the day!  So as he approaches his second birthday, I thought it was only fair to get him a sand and water table.  After having a good look around I decided on the Little Tikes Builders Bay Sand and Water Table, as it just had something a little bit special about it.  Instead of just two separate sides to hold the sand and water, it also has a crane, semi and dump trucks, a bridge and a boat which meant that Zachary was in his element as soon as he saw it!  (To be honest I didn’t even need to put any water in it!)  It also comes with a large umbrella which will be great for our garden in the summer where there isn’t much shade.

The table was easy to set up as it just came in a few large parts and because of the material it’s made from it was be able to stay out in the winter.  It has a lid that protects from dirt and other elements, this also provides an additional play surface when your little ones aren’t using it as a sand and water table.  The manufacturer’s recommend that is it from two to six years which is probably about right and I love the fact that Zachary can huddle round it with several of his friends.  It holds up to 50lb of sand and two gallons of water (which isn’t that much), but to be honest, this makes it easier to scoop the sand out and put more in whenever it gets mucky.  I think this is going to a toy that is going to be played with lots of the coming years. 

Written by Luxuria Lifestyle UK’s Kerene Barefield 

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