Luxurious Date Night Ideas That Don’t Break The Bank

February 16, 2017

Date nights shouldn’t just be saved for special occasions such as Valentines Day; we should all be taking more time to organise some time to spend with our significant others!  Dating needn’t cost a fortune either… Here’s how to do luxury on a budget with five date night ideas or check out some more ideas here.


A Themed Dinner and Movie Night in Your Home

A great idea, especially during the colder winter months!  You could take turns deciding on a movie or food theme, it might be the perfect excuse to try that new dish you’ve always wanted to make.


Visit a Local Unexplored Town

Take the time to plan a day or evening exploring a local town or city that you might not have been to yet. We often forget to take the time to explore what’s right on our doorstep – so pretend to be tourists for the day and experience some new sights or try somewhere new to eat.  You might find there are local food festivals or events going on, so make a note of these and plan a day around them.


Last Minute Luxury Hotels

If you’re flexible about when you can go away or happy with booking a last minute weekend away, you can often get some great deals.  It’s always worth keeping an eye out on sites such as Secret Escapes to see if there are any deals available.


Make a Scavenger Hunt for Each Other

You can make this as personal and long as you like, you could end the hunt at the place you went for your first date, or somewhere that means a lot to the both of you.  Alternatively you could even make one around the house – with a fun little treat waiting for your partner when they find all the clues.


Learn Something New

Why not head out to a new class together, where you both get to learn something new? Perhaps you’ve always wanted to learn a new language together or nail that dish, why not attend a cookery class or mix things up and attend a dance class. This will give you plenty to talk about and also encourages you to do something together regularly – so why not give it a go!

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