Luxurious Hotels and Casinos – A Few of the Finest

June 10, 2018

Las Vegas Skyline
Las Vegas (Photo Credit: Pixabay – 12019/10268)

Glitz, glamour, luxury and action are all words synonymous with those hotels and casinos that attract the most elite of today’s society where you can see the beautiful people relaxing and having fun in their world.

In fact, casinos have always been associated with the high-life and have been the setting for many great movies like Ocean’s Eleven and Casino Royale, and although many of think of Las Vegas as the place to go there are many other wonderful buildings throughout the world that would claim to rival those found in Sin City.

Puerto Rico is home to The Ritz-Carlton, San Juan Casino and sits in eight acres with a beautiful view over the Atlantic Ocean.  This luxurious hotel also offers one of the best casino experiences you could find with all the classics like blackjack and roulette on offer as well as over three hundred slot machines to try out. Puerto Rica is a vibrant destination and if you want to experience some of the local life there are a number of high-end restaurants close by to sample.

China is the destination to make for if you want to visit the Venetian Macao Resort Hotel/Casino which was opened back in 2007. Macao is known to many as the Las Vegas of Asia, and the sumptuous surroundings of the Venetian were structured in a similar way as its Las Vegas counterpart. Of course, Macao adds its own cultural twist boasting high-end shopping malls to wander, luxury boutiques and if you are feeling peckish there are some truly world-class restaurants. The casino has five hundred gambling tables and two thousand slot machines so you would never be stuck for choice.

Wynn Hotel, Las Vegas
Wynn Hotel, Las Vegas (Photo Credit: Pixabay Jay George)

No luxury hotel and casino list would be complete if there was no Las Vegas included and so the choice will be The Wynn Hotel and Casino which is still rated as one of the best in the world. As soon as you step into the foyer there is no doubt where you are with its impressive interior design. The Wynn Hotel boasts world class restaurants and malls to enjoy besides a casino that quite possibly carries every sing gambling game that is known to man. As one of the most expensive hotels ever built the Wynn Hotel is a must see if you travel to Las Vegas.

For those of us that can only dream of visiting the casinos mentioned above there is still the chance of enjoying a win in one of the quality online casinos where you can sample many of the classic games and popular slots right from the comfort of your own home.

The history of the online casinos in the UK is an interesting one with the first online casino appearing in 1994.  Now we can enjoy a full range of superb Las Vegas style games, slots and instant games either from your PC or mobile device which means you can pick up your own personal favourite anywhere and at any time you please.

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