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August 30, 2019

Luxury Art Styles that are Growing in Popularity

Art has long been a way for homeowners to celebrate their uniqueness and originality. With many modern properties lacking the architectural features of antebellum homes or Victorian-era residences, what better way to make a splash than with a piece of luxury art?

Imagine a wall bare of artwork or photographs. It wouldn’t be very interesting. We use art to brighten up a featureless room; breathe life into a space. You may not have met the artists in person, but you can appreciate their talent and creativity. Great art is a talking point, an inspiration, and potentially an investment. Art expresses who we are. We all need art in our life. Here are three luxury art styles – every home should have at least one of them.

Abstract Art

Abstract art does not try to represent anything we see in the world around us. It uses a unique visual language comprised of colour, line, form, and shape to provoke a visceral emotional response. Imagine yourself in a gallery, in front of a Rothko painting. His bold, minimalist paintings don’t look like anything in nature, but they are powerful, nonetheless. It’s easy to lose one’s self in a Rothko painting.

Modern abstract artists such as Jessica Hendrickx are much sought after by discerning collectors. Hendrickx, like many artists, loves the freedom of art without boundaries. She digs deep into her imagination to produce large abstract paintings that are both compelling and beautiful. Modern paintings like this are perfect in a broad mix of environments, from luxury homes to corporate offices.

It’s no wonder abstract paintings are so popular with collectors all over the world.

Urban Art

Urban art, popularised by British street artist Banksy, manages to cross the line from graffiti and vandalism into the contemporary art world. Banksy excels in the use of satirical images and subversive epigrams. His distinctive use of stencils means his artwork is instantly recognisable.

Whereas Banksy’s art is for the people and difficult to display in a home unless you are happy to own a print rather than an original, urban art is, nevertheless, growing in popularity. The styles vary from pop culture images to dark political satire. If you want to make a statement, invest in a few prints from the likes of CB Hoyo or Eelus to create a talking point in your home.

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