Luxury Skincare Weapons To Fight Ageing

March 10, 2017

With a luxe beauty maintenance skincare arsenal of anti-ageing weapons, you will be equipped with skin defence, to fight the ageing process.  Here’s Luxuria Lifestyle’s top picks which you can sling into your beauty bag.


Obagi Professional-C Serum 10%

OBAGI Professional-C Serum 10%
OBAGI Professional-C Serum 10%

Obagi Professional-C Serum 10% (£67) provides superior anti-oxidant protection from damage caused by UV exposure and the ageing process.  The key ingredients are 10% L-ascorbic acid and Vitamin C to give your skin the superior protection it needs to prevent premature signs of ageing, fine lines and wrinkles.  This form of Vitamin C is effectively absorbed by the skin and provides superior antioxidant protection with deep penetration to the dermal layer.

Benefits of using the serum include: more effective penetration – twice as deep compared to other brands; helping protect against future damage; stimulating collagen production for firmer and more resilient skin along with the benefit of lightening and brightening skin for more even tone.

Available from selected clinics, click here to find your nearest.


Al Din Sumptuous Touch Daily Moisturiser

Al Din Skincare
Al Din Skincare Range

For all year round youthful and hydrated looking skin, new British skincare brand Al Din for men and women, (Vegan, Vegetarian approved and Halal) has been formulated with natural plant-derived ingredients and essential oils of the highest quality.

Al Din Sumptuous Touch Daily Moisturiser (50ml £19.95) is richly hydrating and provides daily nourishment for your skin and is suitable for all skin types.

Key ingredients include Hyaluronic acid, Sunflower oil, Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Glycerin Oat Protein -are all key ingredients great for keeping skin youthful looking, moisturised and hydrated.  Plus, a fab product for men is the Al Din Finest Touch Daily Moisturiser for Men (50ml £14.95) and for both men and women, Unisex Al Din Pure Luxury Body Lotion 250ml (£24.95).


IXXI Sublixime Anti-Ageing Absolute

Sublixime Anti-Ageing Absolute
Ixxi Sublixime Anti-Ageing Absolute

For women who prefer a luxe serum in their skincare arsenal to fight visible signs of ageing, the IXXI Sublixime Anti-Ageing Absolute, (30ml £45) is a universal anti-ageing serum with a silky smooth texture, to help re-densify, regenerate and protect skin and helps reduce wrinkles.

Key ingredients of Pine extracts (OPC PIN derived from bark, pine seed oil, pine needle extract), create a unique synergy to help wrinkles diminish and leaves the skin nourished, regaining comfort and radiance.

Click here for more info.


QMS Medicosmetics Classic Collagen Set

QMS Medicosmetics Classic Collagen Set
QMS Medicosmetics Classic Collagen Set

For facial skin rejuvenation with added well being and smoother skin appearance, the QMS Medicosmetics Classic Collagen set (3x 30ml £189) Exfoliant Fluid, Day Collagen and Night Collagen is the foundation of daily treatment for your skin.

This anti-aging facial care system features 3 perfectly combined products that work in synergy 24/7 to help rejuvenate the skin, diminish fine lines and wrinkles and stimulate cell renewal.
The Day Collagen is an advanced collagen serum which hydrates, protects and helps to strengthen the skin’s defences against free radicals, while the innovative Neotec A15® Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid complex and Matrixyl 3000®, help to improve the moisture levels in the skin to leave it looking youthful, smoother and more revitalised.

The Night Collagen and Exfoliant Fluid in the trio set, work together with the Day Collagen for maximum results.

As Springtime approaches, your skincare and beauty bag is nicely updated, to achieve radiant and youthful looking skin.

Written by Luxuria Lifestyle UK’s Rachel Evans

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