Microblading at Camille Beaute – True Artistry From the Expert

November 16, 2017

A short walk from Bond Street past the uber chic Chiltern Fire House and there down the road at 59 Chiltern Street was the trendy entrance of Pierre Haute Coiffure; the home of Camille Beaute who was about to introduce me to my first step into semi-permanent make-up.  The time had arrived for a total overhaul of my eyebrows.  There at the door to greet me was Camille and my first thought was ‘the beautiful girl on the website is here in the flesh with her fantastic eyebrows!’

Camille has a delightful way of calming any nerves; and answered all of my questions with patience, mostly “will it hurt?!” and “will there be any pain… at all?!”.  I had been sent a full instructions of food and drinks to avoid prior to my microblading session, such as coffee and alcohol for 24 hours before the procedure.  We sat down in comfort and chatted through any concerns – mainly what to expect from the experience, but more so, what could be achieved.  After discussing medical issues, Camille took me through to her studio, and I call it ‘a studio’, because she is very obviously an artist, and there the artistry began.

The first part of the treatment involved measuring and drawing, re-drawing, and much staring calmly at my eyebrows.  I could see all the time what was happening as I had a mirror to review the start of the transformation!  We collaborated and discussed, and frankly the first shock was that I have been “augmenting” them wrongly with an eyebrow pencil for years!  Camille then revealed my new drawn on eyebrow template and what a difference – again another shock!

I spent a lot of time just staring at myself, and to say that these newly drawn on eyebrows were amazing and the difference that they made to the overall look to my face was quite something.  We then agreed that this would be the final outline for the microblading process to begin.  Colour was also discussed, and we decided not to go too dark to start with.  Do take advice from Camille.  Anaesthetic gel was then applied to both areas and I lay down and relaxed for 15 minutes to allow the numbing to take effect, reassured all the time that if I did feel anything resembling stinging or pain, that Camille would stop and apply more gel.

I fully expected and was prepared for pain as the process began, however, there was nothing, just a gentle prodding on my brow area.  I had to ask if the blading had started, and apparently it had, which was definitely a relief as this was totally tolerable and not what I expected at all.  What’s not to like – great new permanent eyebrows and no pain to get that result?!  So the time passed and Camille studiously finished one brow and then the other, and by this point, I was getting very excited and just a little bit nervous about the result.

Well what to say?  Totally fantastic, and what a difference… Just a huge WOW.  These two new additions to my face make me look younger, finished, and balanced.  I was very happy and have become increasingly more so with the results as the days pass.  It is now day 12 after the event, and I have applied the gel nightly.  I’ve also avoided water, nor have I scratched, picked or prodded (although I wanted to in the days immediately preceding the treatment), and I have not worn makeup anywhere near them.  As a result, they still look amazing.  So amazing that I cannot remember what I looked like before now!

If you’re looking for a very bespoke and individual experience with a true eyebrow artist, then Camille is the woman to book in and go and see immediately.  I cannot recommend her total service package enough.  I have another appointment booked for the follow up, to assess and retouch, and am thoroughly looking forward to it.  Again the question lingers; what can I have done next?!

Written by Luxuria Lifestyle UK’s Sam Balshaw

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