Need to Rebalance, Recharge and Lose Weight? Living Retreats Will Give You Results, Fast

July 13, 2016

Who doesn’t want the perfect body in a record amount of time?!  We live in a society where time is everything and no-one seems to have enough of it to fit everything in!  So when we exercise, we want to see results, fast, and that’s where Living Retreats comes in.

With a compact, functional studio in Primrose Hill, dream duo Jo and Luke Gray focus their bespoke programmes on the ‘Three Re’s’ – Rebalance, Recharge, Retreat.  With an emphasis on tailored fitness, they operate a full body approach to getting you looking and feeling better than ever before, inside and out.  So as well as getting your body into peak shape, Jo and Luke will also address your lifestyle and well being, so you feel re-balanced on every level.

With a team of eight trainers, their studios are equipped to deal with every request.  Using sleds, trap bars and slam bars (to name but a few), Living Retreats combines these functional fitness techniques, with yoga, pilates and running programs to suit every need.  Whether it’s sports rehabilitation, weight loss or healthy eating, one-on-one sessions ensure complete dedication from the team every step of the way.

Having worked with some serious movie stars (getting one into shape for their role in a huge action movie), the results speak for themselves – especially if you happen to have seen the movie! With a background in sports science, sports psychology and and nutritional therapy, Jo and Luke between them, have come up with the perfect formula to get you those abs in record time, whilst guaranteeing you feel better, sleep better and eat better with a sustainable plan in place to make sure you stay healthy long term.

As well as their fabulous, discreet studio in North West London, there’s also a range of tempting retreats further afield.  With weekend intensive body haul programs for both fitness and relaxation, you’ll get to enjoy the sumptuous surroundings of a 300 year old restored country mansion in the Surrey Hills.

Fancy a far-flung retreat?  Sardinia’s Is Fradis beach club is the perfect place for a week long program ranging from Insanity classes by the sea to forest runs, mountain hikes and sunrise yoga.  Personalised menus including locally sourced seafood and seasonal veg will ensure your diet is completely taken care of too.

Or if the Tuscan Hills is more your thing, you can trek, cycle or hike and take part in a range of bespoke activities, before relaxing in truly luxurious surroundings.

For details of upcoming summer retreats, (retreats in Surrey all year round and week long retreats to Sardinia in October and May), click here or email  Healthy holidays to Antigua, also coming soon.

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