Never a Dull Day… with Tens’ Dazzling Sunnies – WIN a Pair!

May 18, 2016

Why ‘Tens’?!  Why not?!  They’re about to make your day ten times brighter than before!  This super cool sunglasses range was dreamt up on the road and brought to sunny fruition from a bedroom in the Scottish Highlands.

So if you ever wanted to live life in instagram, now is your chance.  And let’s face it, on insta, that guy always looks ten times hotter and well, life is just ten times better!

There is actually some science behind your new technicolour outlook though.  Apart from the fact you’re gonna look amazing in these new shades, their signature lens tint actually transforms what you see into a bright, vivid experience, full to the brim with colour and clarity.

They’re some of the comfiest glasses every to grace my face, so while they’re filtering your day, they’re also feeling super light.  They can even be adjusted by an optician if they don’t fit quite right… however mine are just perfect – snug and light.  Tens are also made from optical grade Italian acetate, have Japanese wire frames and a strong five-barrel hinge making them sturdy enough for extreme sports.

Working with the sun rather than just dulling it down like other sunglasses, (although they do also have a UV-filter to block from harmful rays), the ‘mood enhancing’ yellows and oranges which dance through your sunnies are just about to make your life waaaaay brighter.

Filter your face right now.  Watch the vid.

And then check out the new range.  We feel a festival-accessory must-have coming on right about now…

Oh they’re also scratch-resistant and come in the coolest little wooden box we’d ever seen.  We’re in love with our new shiny life.

WIN a pair of Bailey II in Oystershell by following both @luxurialifeUK and @tens on Twitter and retweeting our competition.

Product photography by BERT SPANGEMACHER fotografiert for TENSLIFE.COM

Written by Luxuria Lifestyle UK’s Ashleigh Whitfield

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