February 3, 2019

Celebrating its 10th birthday in 2018 NO1 currently offers luxury fitness camps in Ibiza, Marrakesh, Portugal’s Algarve alongside the flagship camp and heart of the brand, NO1 Norfolk.

Thousands of clients and celebrities have stayed at one of our camps and have enjoyed health, fitness and weight loss success during their stays. NO1’s years of experience in the market, has enabled us to develop an effective, fun and most importantly a results driven modern group training programme, to support clients, whatever their needs.

Our education-based model enables clients to get fit and healthy on camp and learn techniques and strategies to continue successes off camp and onwards, with their wellbeing journeys.

On arrival

From arrival on camp, No1’s aim is to empower our clients to take control over their own health. Whether the goal is lose a few pounds, or a few stone, to add muscle or gain strength and fitness, our programme is designed to give maximum results in minimal time. Clients stay range from 1 week to 6 months, enabling us to deliver long term sustainable results and change. Regardless of age, gender, shape and size, No1 provides a safe place to train, and delivers results week in week out year after year. We were the first original bootcamp in 20018, and proud to still be the leader a decade on.

Our training

Our trainers meet with each client privately for a 1:1 on arrival, so we can understand personal goals and explore their health history. We also take their body composition on our state of the art InBody machine which provides us with detailed analysis of each clients body statistics. This means we can track progress and have quantifiable results at the end of the week.

Looking at weight alone can be misleading so it is essential we look at other health markers with body fat being the gold standard measurement on camp. Muscle mass is also important and No1’s approach is that we want to create lean, strong bodies and our training schedule and nutrition is based on supporting these goals. Although we are a group training programme we pride ourselves on supporting each of our clients as individuals.

Our training programme

Whichever No1 camp you visit, the quality of training remains consistent. Our elite trainers are all vastly experienced in delivery effective, and most importantly, safe training programmes based on up to date scientific research enabling us to deliver a results driven programme that is second to none. Our sessions are strategically designed over the week to deliver fat loss, improve fitness & cardio health and sculpt and build muscle. Although our clients train in a group, everyone is treated as an individual and encouraged to fulfil their own potential and work to their own output capabilities.

The first day of camp is always technique day to ensure the clients are fully prepped for the week ahead and understand how to carry out the sessions and exercises safely. Everyone is also shown how to progress an exercise if confident in their ability, and also how to regress at any point and work at a lower output.

Regardless of fitness levels, the group is mentored and supported through each and every session. A typical day on camp will start at around 7.45am with a dynamic warm up to ensure injury free training.

The first session is usually a fasted cardio session. This ensures fat burn for the rest of the day. 9am is breakfast with a break until 10. There will be two more morning sessions of around 45 minutes each. These will be varied in content but will consist of Hiit training and strength / core training. All designed to sculpt and tone bodies and increase endurance. Expect a tasty snack mid morning before stopping for a nutritious lunch and well deserved break.

Boxing plays an important role on our camps. It’s a fun and fantastically effective complete body workout. In addition circuits provide variation and improve fitness levels. Whether staying at No1 Norfolk or any of our luxury international camps, we are spoilt for choice for incredible hikes. In the UK we have Sandringham on our doorstep and the local beaches, and overseas we make the most of our glorious surroundings. After more snacks, expect to wind down with yoga or stretching. In the evening take in one of our optional educational seminars or treat yourself to a well deserved massage

NO1 nutrition

We believe that lean muscle begins in the kitchen. Our menu is created with optimal fat loss and muscle creation in mind.
Not all calories are created equal, and as such we don’t slavishly count calories, but instead offer a healthy balance of all macro and micro food groups to sustain energy, provide optimal nutritional value and boost exercise performance.

A personal approach @NO1

We know there isn’t a one fit all approach at No1. As we have the information from the InBody and understand your metabolism needs and goals, we can personalise your menu portions.

No1 advocates a healthy balanced lifestyle. If you are hungry, you can’t perform which is totally against our ethos.

We include all macros and each meal is designed to support the day’s fitness schedule.

Our camps

NO1 Norfolk

Norfolk Flagship – 51 weeks a year
Stays 1 week – 6 months

Norfolk is the home and heart of No1. It is the most in demand residential camp, offering effective training techniques and nutrition education combined with the latest technology for optimum fitness, health and fat-loss results. Its the home of full body transformations and we have many long term clients at this camp and return visitors.

NO1 Ibiza

Open Seasonally Spring, Summer & Autumn

A favourite with our celebrity clients, No1 Ibiza is our boutique camp, offering the same intensive training as Norfolk, but with an idyllic Spanish backdrop. After a days training clients enjoy incredible sunsets, swims and saunas from our stunning villa, just a short journey from Ibiza town.

Training groups are small and intimate.

NO1 Marrakesh

January and February

A luxury training camp with a difference.

Rich in culture, this exclusive Moroccan camp combines the benefits of our legendary boot camp training, with a dose of healthy sunshine from the North African landscape all in the lap of luxury at the 5-star retreat.

Enjoy training with the Atlas mountains in the background, and make the most of the incredible Marrakesh scenery available for us to deliver an intense week of training.

Our chefs make the most of the unique flavours and ingredients that Morocco has to offer.

NO1 Algarve

May / June

The newest addition to the No1 portfolio, our Algarve camp is in the heart of Portugal’s sporting area of Quinta do Lago

With a vast array of incredible facilities on our doorstep, this is a different offering from No1. Based out of a boutique hotel, guests enjoy our menu and results driven training programme, with the addition of being able to kick back and relax at the hotel and make the most of the great tourist attractions and pristine beaches.

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