Non-Stop Live Music at The Piano Works

October 12, 2016

Thursday evenings make for great date nights and there was no better way to let off some steam from the week than at The Piano Works – London’s only non-stop live music venue, located in the heart of Farringdon.  As my date and I walked in to the Victorian-listed warehouse, we were met with charming melodies floating from the live piano players as we stepped down the stairs.  We knew from the start it was going to be a fun evening.

Founded by Alan Lorrimer, serial restauranteur and champion of late night live music, The Piano Works is dramatically different from any other live music venue in London in that the audience gets to choose all the songs and the band keeps the tunes coming all night long.  Needless to say, there’s never a dull moment at this fabulous bar.

The entire venue is dimly lit with candles adorning the tables and strobe lights streaming from the stage.  We took a seat at our high top table, directly opposite the band, the ultimate spot for a great show.  We looked over the menu, which is filled with simple bar snacks such as burger sliders, truffle fries and charcuterie as well as an entire steak menu, which looked quite impressive.  We opted to share some bar snacks.  Our nosh of the night included steak rolls, burger sliders and padron peppers, all of which hit the spot, along with a few cocktails to unwind.

Our server came over to talk us through the process of choosing a song, which is so simple!  You write down whichever song you want to hear onto a napkin and give that napkin to the server who passes it on to the band. At about 8:30pm, the full band comes on stage, comprising of pianists, guitarists, saxophone players and an awesome drummer – and for the entire night – they only play songs requested via napkin!  It’s also really fun to have your song chosen and played of course!  Our server told us that all the members of the band change every night, and most of the time, they are mere strangers, who come together on stage to jam out.  I was seriously impressed at the sheer talent of each musician – they were phenomenal.

As the night went on, and a few more tipples were had, we found ourselves singing along with the band, and dancing along with all the other patrons in the bar.  The vibe at The Piano Works is super fun, and it’s a great place to let your hair down and dance to renditions of Benny & the Jets.  There are three bars throughout the palatial warehouse space and the servers are all so attentive, you never have to wait long to order more cocktails.

Overall, we thought The Piano Works was absolutely brilliant.  It is good, old fashioned fun and such a great alternative to your average night out.  We suggest you grab a bunch of your friends and head over for a night of sing-a-longs, dancing, great food and fabulous drinks. You won’t regret it, we promise!

Written by Luxuria Lifestyle UK’s Colleen Monoghan

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