Perfect First Gifts – For Parents Who Have Everything

July 23, 2017

Buying something special for expecting parents can be tough. Here is the Luxuria Lifestyle guide to picking the perfect pressie to make those early days even more memorable, and slightly more manageable.

Grobag – Ollie the Owl

Grobag is one of my favourite baby brands, so to see their product range continually grow is very exciting.  Ollie the Owl is its latest innovation and is an unique and utterly adorable sleep aid with built in CrySensor technology helping baby (and Mum and Dad!) to get quality ZZZ’s every night.

Ollie the Owl plays four soothing sounds including heartbeat, rainfall, white noise static and beautiful Brahms lullaby.  Promising to always be there, the CrySensor technology means Ollie automatically activates when baby cries, so he can soothe little ones back to sleep in an instant, without Mum or Dad having to get up.  The sounds play for 20 minutes and then Ollie switches to standby mode for three hours, but rest assured he is listening intently and will turn on at any point during standby mode to play either the white noise static or Brahms lullaby sound thanks to the CrySensor function.

Like all products from the Gro Company, Ollie the Owl has been expertly designed and is guaranteed to make bedtime a whole lot easier.  Each noise has been thoughtfully selected to relax little ones and white noise especially is great for restless, colicky babies and is proven to calm them by replicating the sounds baby heard pre-birth.  Ollie’s sounds have three volume settings and the night light has three sensory light levels, so parents can set the sleep aid to what suits them and baby best. The latest must have baby sleep essential, Ollie will grow up with little ones and become their trusty sleeping companion, whether on the move, at home or staying with their grandparents.  Super soft, plush and grey in colour with a light up breast dotted with tiny love hearts, it is certain to fit into any colour scheme!  Ollie the Owl is suitable from birth and is the only sleep aid to offer four functions within one design.  Plus – Twit Twoo – Ollie the Owl is completely portable so you can take him on all your adventures.  He comes with a secure loop which enables you to hang on the side of the cot, pushchair or car seat, so he won’t get lost!  £34.99 


Potwells Grey Shark Storage Bin

No one can prepare you for the amount of ‘stuff’ that comes with a newborn – making storage suddenly very important.  3 Sprouts have four new storage solutions sure to transform your little one’s room; making it tidier and brighter in an instant!  The much-loved storage brand is thrilled to announce the arrival of even more of its trendy, fun and truly distinctive parenting essentials.  Not only launching the all new Nappy Stacker, an ingenious product offering a stylish solution for storing nappies, but the brand is also unveiling fresh designs for the immensely popular Storage Bin, Box and Toy Chest.

Also new to the stylish 3 Sprouts collection are three striking designs for their storage products. Designed to provide a fun place to store toys, the brand-new Shark and Hen Storage Bins are also perfect for laundry and clothes.  Helping to aid tidying, the new Bear Toy Chest will stand to attention and keep all toys out of sight, adding a modern edge to every playroom.  Similarly, new to the UK the Sheep and Owl Storage Boxes are the perfect organisational tool for any nursery, bedroom or playroom.

3 Sprouts is the Canadian brand behind gorgeous storage solutions for every family.  Passionate about producing well-designed, high quality products, which will appeal to both parent and child, 3 Sprouts have a storage solution for everything including bath toys, the laundry, lunch, buggies and books!  The striking collection features bold animals including whales, crocodiles, unicorns and flamingos made from felt applique, on a cotton canvas background – simply adorable!  £19.95


Infantino Baby Carrier

Baby carriers have really become popular in the UK in the last decade, making travelling with the little one a much easier and more comforting for the baby.  Infantino have recently introduced America’s Bestselling Carrier to the UK with the launch of three of its bestselling models, Flip Advanced, Zip and Cuddle Up Ergonomic Hoodie Carrier.  Infantino is an intuitive brand with uncompromised functionality at the core of every design, is thrilled to unveil its carrier collection to the UK.  Infantino’s carrier collection promises the ultimate convenience to make parenting on the go a little easier, without compromising on style, safety and function.  Thoughtfully combining fashion and function, and best of all, the brand has kept the price point really competitive.

Out of the three to be launch I have gone for the cute option – The Cuddle Up Ergonomic Hoodie Carrier which is ideal for parents looking for the adorability factor!  This carrier features a unique arched canopy hood that keeps baby in full sight, yet protected from chill or rain, plus the added bonus of baby looking super cute with its bear design.  The wide, ergonomic seat supports from knee-to- knee with a naturally rounded back for a safe and comfy ride.  The carrier has adjustable shoulder straps and wide waist belt that transfers weight to the wearer’s hips for a more comfortable fit. £39.99 

Zazu’s Zoe, The Ultimate Bedtime Pal….

Getting a good night’s sleep is so essential for all parents and most would do anything to get it.  This new product is fabulous and soothes baby all night.  Zoe the Penguin, available in blue, pink or neutral grey, features 5 pre-set melodies including a heartbeat, white noise and waterfall sound, as well as wireless speaker technology, enabling parents to play their own choice of music or children’s stories.  Not only is this great for newborns but the fact that you can play your own music means that children will love it for years to come.

The other brilliant feature of this cute penguin is its ability to activate automatically upon baby crying.  As soon as baby starts to cry it will begin to play and light up to comfort little ones, helping them to fall back into a peaceful slumber, hopefully meaning you won’t even have to get out of bed.  A soothing nightlight, music box and wireless speaker in one, Zoe is one clever penguin!  £34.99 

Teddy Bear Health and Safety Kit


When your baby is so young, seeing them so vulnerable and small can sometimes be worrying, especially when they are poorly.  Vital Baby’s award-winning Nurture Health And Safety Kit allows parents can keep an eye on their little one’s temperature and help to clear blocked little noses!  The award-winning Nurture Health and Safety Kit has become a household essential for families across the UK and is not only practical but also super cute.  The helpful kit includes a FlexiSafe Thermometer, a Nasal Decongester and Benji Bear, a Digital Bath and Room Thermometer.  £19.99 


Grow-With-Me Playtime Teepee

We need so much for our children these day, that products that can grow with your kids are great – and that’s why I just love this Grow-With- Me Playtime Teepee.  Not only is it a colourful infant gym suitable from 0 months, but it then transforms into a wondrous pretend play Teepee for kids up to 3 years.

This multi-functional play area begins as an infant gym and as babies begin to crawl, one side of the gym can be closed to create a crawl tunnel and for toddlers, the gym’s sides unfold to create a fun space to play and let little imaginations run wild.

Having only just launched in the UK exclusively with Mothercare, this enchanting Teepee features four adorable toys that hang from the ceiling and a large-mirrored mobile; encouraging newborns and infants to engage in overhead discovery.  Babies can squeeze the musical elephant’s ear and enjoy endless hours of fun from inside their Teepee.

Also having a Teepee element it means that it can be used in the garden, allowing babies to be shaded from the sun, and also creates a safe environment from on the go toddlers.

The Grow-With- Me Playtime Teepee™ is the latest addition to the UK collection for Infantino, as the brand continue to expand its growing collection of discovery toys for babies and toddlers. Each product gives parents the ability to develop children’s senses using must-touch textures and fun sounds across their product range – creating new experiences during every playtime.  £89.99

Written by Luxuria Lifestyle UK’s Kerene Barefield

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