Perrier Jouët & Dalloway Terrace’s Match-Made-In-Heaven Champagne Flight!

August 16, 2017

Possibly the most gorgeous outdoor space in Central London, Dalloway Terrace at The Bloomsbury is a stunning alfresco flower filled haven in which to enjoy their stunning Perrier Jouët champagne flight until Sunday.

There’s something quintessentially British about sipping champagne in a (fully heated) secluded secret garden, whilst you’re safe in the knowledge that the hustle and bustle of Oxford Street is less than a five minute walk away!

Perrier Jouet Flight at Dalloway Terrace

Given Perrier Jouët’s charming love story and indeed with the design of its flower covered bottles and flutes, there could be no better place to enjoy the flight of Perrier Jouët Grand Brut N.V, the Blanc de Blancs N.V and the Belle Epoque 2008.

Each cuvée has also been paired with a delightful ribbon on the stem, scented with essential oils by Nourish which makes for the most amazing multi-sensory experience combining the flavours of each glass, with aromas which match perfectly.

The perfect introduction to our champagne flight – the Perrier Jouët Grand Brut, is a light, lively, dry, floral and fresh offering, with fruits on the nose, butter and vanilla on the palate and a slightly zesty finish.  Paired with Nourish’s fragrance of deep, lingering vanilla notes, subtle neroli and citrus, the combined smell and taste was one to savour – an expensive, extravagant experience…

The Blancs de Blancs next, made with an elegant blend of select Chardonnay grapes has a slightly more wild energy – bubbly and easy to drink with less common floral aromas, some citrus and a hint of chocolate on the nose, acidity to taste and a mineral finish.  Nourish’s paired scent was absolutely perfect – a lively refreshing smell with patchouli and galbanum.

Our favourite champagne, the Belle Epoque 2008 was most definitely the piece de resistance – invigorating, elegant and fresh – Belle Epoque has a unique taste all of its own.  An absolutely gorgeous vintage, with the aroma of white lillies and creamy magnolia, there’s also a hint of citrus and an explosion of taste on the palate with a crisp finish.  Served in hand painted flutes, Nourish’s fragrance pairing was a match made in heaven – energising jasmine and ylang ylang combined with woody cedar wood notes.

The exclusive Perrier Jouët champagne flight is available at Dalloway Terrace until Sunday, £45pp.

Written by Luxuria Lifestyle UK’s Ashleigh Whitfield

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