Pomona’s – Bringing Californian Sunshine and Cuisine to the Heart of Notting Hill!

June 23, 2018

Bringing Californian sunshine and cuisine to the heart of Notting Hill, Pomona’s resides equidistant between Royal Oak and Bayswater’s tube stops.  It’s somewhat of a hidden gem – a well kept secret for its Notting Hill residents who don’t really want word to get out…   And we can see why!

Although the restaurant inside oozes cool – flooded with natural light and boasting an opal fruit style colour scheme, vibrant greenery and a sparkly clean, positive energy, what you really come to Pomona’s for, is the al fresco dining experience.

Pomona's Outside Pergola
Pomona’s Outside Pergola

Pomona’s outdoor terrace with flashes of bright yellow set against a gleaming white pergola surrounded by potted plants, is definitely where you’ll want to be during the impending heat wave which is about to descend on London.  Head Chef Wolfe Conyngham has transformed the menu which features healthy food bursting with flavour and nutrition.  Even the cocktails look and taste like something you’d drink before a session at the gym – we fell head over heels in love with the bright green Seasonal Margarita with smokey Tequila, Fernet Branca, Benedictine, Blood Orange and Agave (£9.50).  Luscious and dangerously more-ish, thankfully, there were no work outs, only mouthwateringly delicious sharer plates to look forward to after we’d sank a few of these!

With the menu split into 4 sections: Small Plates, Wood & Charcoal, Healthy & Light and Sauces & Sides, we picked a few of the starters to share.  The Crispy Squid (£6) had a text book crunch and while it’s served in most restaurants with a mayo, this one arrived with a punchy, peppery Romesco sauce.  Smouldering, creamy Moutabal (£5) with a zing of lemon and a sprinkle of pommegranate, covered crisp, light tortillas, and were so delightfully more-ish that once we devoured one, the rest very quickly disappeared!  However, we both agreed that the starter highlight, (simple yet so damn tasty) was the Crisp Barbary Duck, served with fine slices of cucumber and spring onion, sesame seeds and an addictive hoi sin sauce.  Like the no carb version of a duck pancake, these bite sized morsels oozed more flavour in one mouthful than you would believe!

Onto mains and on the chef’s recommendation, we went for the Spatchcock Chicken (£15), served with broad beans, carrots and charred grelots – which although resemble purple chips, are actually French onions.  The chicken tasted as if it had been roasted in the juiciest of stocks for days – beautifully cooked with a crispy skin over moist, succulent meat.  We also ordered the luxurious Chateau Briand, served with nutty, peppery girolles and spinach.  The meat was absolutely perfect – sliced, medium rare and with a rare woody oomph courtesy of the Bertha Oven which ensures the meat is cooked over an intense heat to enhance the natural flavours.

Pomona's Californian Cuisine: Chocolate Fondant, Dessert Menu
Pomona’s Californian Cuisine: Chocolate Fondant, Dessert Menu

We finished with a chocolate fondant which exploded with runny chocolate like volcano lava when you cut into it – the cranberry popping candy added to the effect, while the pistaccio ice cream added some balance to the richness of the dish.  An amazing end to an amazing meal.

Pomona’s is open all day for breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner and if you’re craving some Vitamin D, then we can assure you, this gorgeous ray of light will feed you with the stuff in abundance.  Who needs to go to California when you have all the sunshine you need on your doorstep?!


Written by Luxuria Lifestyle UK’s Ashleigh Whitfield

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