Posh Kebabs all the Way at Megan’s on the Green

June 6, 2018

Think of Megan’s and what immediately springs to mind is twinkly lights, dainty pastries and light, healthy lunches… and since my last visit, I now also think of ‘posh kebabs!’  (More on that later..)  Of course there’s also their amazing bottomless brunch offering which makes the-morning-after-the-night-before, somewhat of a pleasure!  Rolling out of bed with a hangover to meet friends in the sparkly courtyard on the New Kings Road with a glass of even sparklier prosecco and a pan of sizzling shakashouka is what the weekends were made for!

Megan's on the Green, Parsons Green, Interior
Megan’s on the Green, Interior

But there’s more than one Megan (luckily), and this particular Megan is on the Green – Parson’s Green to be exact.  I live just round the corner and have passed it probably a hundred times (on my way to the Sloaney!)  Not only is Megan’s just for day dining, lattes and a pit stop when WFH, but it’s also become an evening dining destination and I couldn’t wait to see what my local would throw up on a Saturday evening.  PG’s offering is no less twinkly than its New Kings Road address I’m pleased to say, with shimmering fairy lights and white roses covering the ceiling and climbing the walls.  With a farmhouse feel and open kitchen, it’s immediately warm, friendly and inviting.  Perfect for a cosy meet up with mates or a casually romantic date night.

Aside from the instagram-wow-factor, Megan’s menu is also awesome.  There’s such a great mix of inspired dishes with delicious twists on plates you might not normally go for.  Yes there’s the sourdough pizza menu which is always going to be a draw after a pint or two in the pub (the vegan one, the spicy one, the meaty one etc.), but somewhat of a signature now, are their open kebabs or ‘posh kebabs’ as they’re fondly coined by the ever so lovely staff.  Served on flatbreads and piled high with all the naughty-but-nice fillings of your fave Friday night takeaway, these kebabs are classy in their own right!  Fresh flat breads are loaded with freshly grilled meat – the smokey lamb tenderly falls apart when you attack it with your fork and the key kebab ingredients are also present – red cabbage, feta, herbs, hummus and pickles.  I loved the additonal imam biyildi, a Turkish take on stuffed aubergines – soft and squidgy and just amazing with the lamb.

Deconstructed pan kebabs with shakshouka at Megan's on the Green
Deconstructed pan kebabs with shakshouka at Megan’s on the Green

The alternative to these amazing creations is the deconstructed kebab, which comes served in a pan of spicy shakashouka – it’s outrageously good and almost looks too good to eat… (we said almost..)

Starter Sharer Platter at Megan's on the Green
Starter Sharer Platter at Megan’s on the Green

If you’re having a proper full on three course meal rather than a quick bite (which this place is great for because service is super efficient), then you simply have to go for the starter plate with an offering of chunky halloumi, al dente courgette, really meaty meatballs, hummus and fresh flat breads.  The dishes are presented beautifully on a big board and you can’t help but dive in to load up your plate as soon as you can.

Should you be game, after feasting on the delights of the posh kebab, you can also go all out with dessert and Megan’s doesn’t disappoint with their sweet menu either.  You just have to go for the melting cookie dough, squidgy in the pan and luxuriously rich and chocolately.  Wash down with plenty of red wine, or a darn good Espresso Martini (we tried them and are pleased to report they were spot on!)

Espresso Martini Cocktails at Megan's on the Green
Espresso Martini Cocktails at Megan’s on the Green

We’ve also just heard that Meghan’s is soon to open a third restaurant in Balham – Meghan’s on the Hill!  Offering up more of the same in a super cosy setting, we’re expecting it to be just as successful as its neighbourhood friends.

Thanks to Megan’s, I’ll probably never venture into a greasy kebab house again.  The ‘posh kebab’ is a Parsons Green staple for sure!

Written by Luxuria Lifestyle UK’s Ashleigh Whitfield

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