Quaglino’s Launches the Q-Aperitivo Summer Edition – Cocktails, Tapas and Live Music!

May 30, 2018

Any excuse to head back into my favourite central London haunt!  Quaglino’s have just launched their fabulously summery Q-Aperitivo Summer Edition where you can cool off in the bar area every Thursday between 5-8pm, whilst enjoying some cool tunes from the Italian band a-la-riviera style.  Get glammed up, kick back and sip on some ultra-cool cocktails.

With four mouthwateringly amazing drinks to choose from, you’ll be feeling some seriously summer vibes from the sweet sour Aqua Vita – so good that it seemed to disappear in seconds.  Beware though – the Aqua Vita is so dangerously drinkable – before you’ll know it, you’ll be four down and feeling a little fuzzy headed and all before 6pm!

Check out these new beauties:
La Serenissima – ​Aperol, Italicus bergamot liqueur and Tanqueray gin lengthened with fresh watermelon and prosecco.
Aqua Vita – ​Moscato Grappa infused with Strawberries, honey, blood-orange and lemon served in a coupe “the sour way” with a white horseradish flower.
Flegrea – ​Rucola infused Tanqueray Gin, Dry vermouth and Maraschino stirred down with coriander bitter and a dash of Chartreuse liqueur. Served straight up.

You’ll also have the old favourites to choose from including the Conte Cavour​, La Scala​, La Gondola​, Ponte Vecchio and Il Pupo​.

Against the backdrop of the stylish lounge bar where that cocktail magic is all happening, you can also indulge in a tonne of delicious Italian tapas to keep hunger at a bay after a hard day at work. Think charcuterie with a selection of meats to devour, arancini, stuffed tomatoes, peppers and a whole range of breads.

It’s the perfect place to mingle with work buddies, or unwind with friends and if you’ve also planned dinner in Quaglino’s infamous restaurant, then it’s also the perfect starter.

Should you be making your way down that show-stopping Strictly style staircase and into the main dining room, why not go all out and  try something different?  The English green asparagus, served with a single mollet fried hens egg (which when you cut into it, reveals the most perfectly cooked yolk), along with a curried sour cream and fresh herbs for a light, refreshingly different start to dinner (£14).  Meanwhile, an old favourite of mine the Harissa and agave glazed aubergine, with coconut, peanuts and pulses tabbouleh (£11.50) always transports me back to Marrakesh with its stunning combination of Moroccan flavours.

For vegetarians, the staff are extremely helpful and accommodating and they can offer a range of difference takes on the existing dishes to suit the fussiest of palettes – the burrata is a fantastic choice.

For mains, you can’t go wrong with the Roasted rump of lamb, served with garden peas and mint, pointed cabbage and a lemon curd dressing (£25.00), but I’m also a huge fan of the Swordfish with aubergine caviar and a lemon and olive dressing (£26.00).  Chunky and meaty, it’s not a delicate fish, but one to really fill you up, while you enjoy the live house band who are on every night of the week, bringing the party atmosphere right to your table.

Quaglino’s is a wonderful dining experience.  The restaurant really is something special and never fails to impress, while it always feels like the staff want to go that extra mile to make sure it’s a memorable experience every time you visit.

The addition of the Q-Aperitivo will enhance your evening further and you’ll be trying all kinds of kitchen experiments (Well I was), searching for that perfect combination of ingredients that make that Aqua Vita so darn tasty!

Q-Aperitivo is on every Thursday 5-8pm with free tapas when you buy a cocktail for £13.

Written by Luxuria Lifestyle UK’s Ashleigh Whitfield

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