Skincare Tips From Leading Cosmetic Dermatologist Dr Nyla Raja & Bespoke UNIVERSKIN

June 14, 2017

For discerning Luxuria Lifestyle who prefer bespoke skincare, UNIVERSKIN is a scientifically formulated skin care line, which not only uses the best medical-grade ingredients, but also utilises a unique personal questionnaire and clinical consultation to tailor these ingredients. This unique approach allows UNIVERSKIN to effectively treat conditions from acne and ageing, to rosacea and pigmentation.

Available exclusively in top tier medical clinics with highly skilled aesthetic practitioners, UNIVERSKIN has over 1,159 combinations of specially formulated, medical grade ingredients which help treat facial conditions including acne, rosacea and pigmentation, whilst helping to combat visible signs of ageing.

To learn more, I recently popped along to London’s exclusive Harley Street to meet Dr Nyla Raja, who is one of the most highly respected and sought after cosmetic dermatology GPs in the country (based in Wilmslow, Manchester).

“The standardised skincare currently on the market forces you to adapt your recommendation around the choices of the manufacturer – this is now a thing of the past with Universkin” say Dr Nyla Raja.

“Patients come to me with various skin concerns, which a typical ‘off the shelf’ product won’t fix.  That’s why I use UNIVERSKIN bespoke skincare, as it allows me to mix personalised products for each patient.”

“Many misdiagnose their skin type and as a result use the wrong products.  As harmless as this sounds, caring for the wrong skin type can lead to all kinds of concerns including acne, premature ageing and inflamed skin.  At this point patients usually turn to professionals in a bid to ‘fix’ their skin”.

“My patients have seen remarkable results with UNIVERSKIN.”

At her clinic, Dr. Nyla Raja offers a wide range of aesthetic beauty treatments, non invasive cosmetic treatments and advanced skin therapies for the face, plus body and skin treatments suitable for all skin types and ages.

During the complimentary UNIVERSKIN skincare consultation with Dr Nyla Raja, I filled out a medical form, the details of which allow the skincare to be tailor-made for my skin-type and profile.  After the consultation the skincare products were given to me and I look forward to using them over the summer.

UNIVERSKIN skincare includes a base serum,  plus active ingredients, formulated specifically for the patient.  The serum contains 11 ingredients, including biomimetic peptides that mimic the natural regenerative process of the skin.  A variety of active ingredients are then added to target the desired issues.  There are over 1500 combinations of ingredients, meaning there is a solution for everyone.  The serum incorporates nanotechnology to provide a revolutionary delivery system that ensures optimum effectiveness.  The base formula contains pure skin boosters such as vitamin E, omega 3, hyaluronic acid, melitane, kollaren vegf, thymullen and ECM protect.

Luxuria Lifestyle readers can book a variety of consultations with Dr Nyla Raja, including a complimentary UNIVERSKIN skincare consultation, a non-surgical facial procedure or a body treatment.  Prices start from £95.00.

UNIVERSKIN is available at Wimslow Medispa in Manchester and clinics nationwide. 

Written by Luxuria Lifestyle UK’s Rachel Evans

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