Snozone – Get to Grips With Skiing On Real Snow Ahead of Your Luxury Trip

March 10, 2017


REAL snow less than an hour of Central London?!  Sadly, Air France haven’t started doing express flights, but Snozone at Milton Keynes is totally the next best thing.

As a total ‘snovice’, the thought of being whisked away to Avoriaz for Snowboxx in two weeks was quite frankly, terrifying me.  Not even the lure of karaoke cabins, Basement Jaxx and Disco Dodgeball could allay my fears when it came to not looking cool in my future-purchase-when-I’m-a-pro *Chanel goggles.

And so, the frantic Yahoo online searches began.  Where could I learn to ski, close to London with so little time before my trip?!  The answer, surprisingly, was Milton Keynes.

On the fast train from London Euston, Milton Keynes Central is just over half an hour.  And a short taxi ride away from the station, lies a hidden winter paradise.  Armed with gloves, hats and thermal tights (don’t judge me), my friend Hayley and I were pretty apprehensive about what to expect.  We shouldn’t have worried.  Jackets and salopettes are provided to wear over your clothes along with helmets, boots and skis, so for complete beginners, Snozone is perfect.

The thought of a three hour session seemed like quite a long time to be out on the snow, and yet it passed in a flurry of excitement, adrenalin and snow ploughs…

Congregating in the waiting area, we were introduced to our instructor Helen, who talked us through the very basics, from making sure boots fit correctly, to posture, balance, and how to get your feet into the skis.

SnozoneAnd then the fun really began!  Straight out on the snow! (and we’re talking thick powdery stuff that if you live in London and never go skiing, is quite something!)  The first step was to learn how to walk in skis.  Easier said than done.  And once we had the hang of that, how to walk side ways up the slope (to make sure you don’t come sliding down and ending up in a very uncool heap at the bottom of the run).

Like a duck to water, we were up!  Yes there were a few falls in our eight strong group, but the majority of us just couldn’t get enough.  Once we’d gotten used to the idea of actually skiing, we were then taught the snow plough – this is the V shape you have to make with your skis, knees bent, all your weight forwards, and also the beginnings of learning turns.  We picked it up just as we reached the 90 minute mark.  Time for a quick break and re-charge in the Snozone café and we were back up again on the slope… This time, quite frankly there was no stopping us.

Turns took some time to get, pushing out backwards from your triangle snow plough and then putting all your weight down on the skis through your shins.  Tricky at first, do it enough times and then all at once, it just clicked!

Three hours in we were begging Helen to let us do just one more run…  Unbelievable that in such a short space of time, we had gone from those complete ‘snovices’ to total ‘snowpros’.  Helen wrote us out a card at the end, charting our progress and recommending we come back for the 3 and 4 session – we didn’t need any persuading…

Chanel goggles here we come…

Luxuria Lifestyle recommends the 3 hour combined lesson 1 and 2 for adults (£79.99)  Click here for details.

Written by Luxuria Lifestyle UK’s Ashleigh Whitfield

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