Taking Cocktail Infusions to Another Level, the Amazing Six Storeys Soho

January 17, 2017

Six Storeys, the fabulous new six floor venue in Soho is like a real life version of Cluedo, but with cocktails instead of lead piping… and much fancier rooms!

With a cool, casual dimly lit bar on the ground floor and drinks to die for, we think Miss Scarlet would be very much at home sipping on a blue cheese and quince infused vodka (yes really).  This little drink is an absolute delight, rich and smoky and oddly one of the best things we’ve ever tasted!  Priding itself on infusions, this accidental stroke of genius came about after a surplus of plums which had to be used up!  The concept has since escalated, resulting in some strange but amazing concoctions.  Try and spot the gin infused glass distillery jars on the higher floors which are filled with bobbing croissants, grapes and hobnobs – all because the staff thought this is what the champers tasted of (we’re sure Dom Perignon would be thrilled about that!)  The creativity has run wild ever since, with Six Storeys even boasting their very own ‘Chief Booze Engineer’ – it even says so on his business card and we’d all like his job please.

Be sure to try the gin infused Pear and Sage, or the truffle and venison – who knew truffle worked on pizza and in drinks?!  We were seriously impressed.  One of the best scotch’s we’ve ever tried came in the form of the Burnt Toffee Scotch – another Six Storey invention which came about when a pan was left for too long on the on the heat!

To accompany, these amazing drinks, there’s a great little menu to indulge in while you take in the ‘faded glamour’ theme of the downstairs area.  With distressed wooden walls, a fabulous bar, and a gleaming black and white chequered floor, it’s an awesome date place and pays homage to the ‘madame’ who used to live here, with vintage chandeliers and opulent curtains.  We went for a selection of small plates (£6 each of £25 for £5) which include mac ‘n cheese balls – simply divine, truffled somerset brie, and bubble & squeak scotch eggs, while the main plates offer up the most amazing braised beef cheek cottage pie (£14.50.)  The beef in this dish was plentiful and as good as it sounds, while the mash was perfect with a well balanced taste of truffle.  For dessert, the peanut butter cheesecake pudding jar with chocolate chip crumb and smashed berries is seriously good and goes so well with the toffee scotch that you’ll just have to have both!

The Decantry

On the other floors, you’ll find plenty of surprises!  The Parlour offers up relaxed dining with old skool glamour, while The Lounge is the perfect place to take advantage of Six Storeys’ ‘By Appointment Only’ reservations on Friday and Saturday nights so you can sit and sample cocktails in a really gorgeous setting.  We were also overjoyed and amazed to learn that the light up dance floor from the days of ‘The Edge’ (one of London’s most celebrated gay clubs) has remained in The Decantry, making this room perfect for reenactments of Saturday Night Fever as well as a great hire out area for private parties and events.  Further floor spaces include  The Study and The Loft, all which take on different designs and all which are available for private soiree’s, meetings and dinners.

The Lounge – By Appointment Only

Yes, we most certainly loved the venue, but we’ve also totally fallen in love with their staff who create such a warm and friendly vibe.  We’ll definitely be back…. when we’ve plucked up the courage to try that champagne gin….

Written by Luxuria Lifestyle UK’s Ashleigh Whitfield

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