The BMW 730 d – Comfort & Luxury on 4 Wheels

April 5, 2017

BMW’s luxury car series always offer great comfort and ride quality – but if you want that quality, it will unfortunately cost you quite a lot.  BMW 730 d is a dream car for those who have the money; or can allow someone else to pay the bill.

Even when you open the door to the new BMW 730 d, there is no doubt that we are talking about a car in the most luxurious segment.  The yellow-red leather trim is elegantly draped over the chairs, as well as the instrument panel and the strands of lights along the sides – provide a comfortable and discreet light.  This is a car that the high-profile car maker from Munich, have put so much effort and love in, for it to be the perfect car in every possible view.


A Piece of German Engineering at its Best…

The BMW 730 d has classic elegant lines with modern and aggressive little details that reinforces the image of a luxury cruiser; but it is behind the wheel where the car shines the most.  This is a piece of German engineering at its best, and most impressive is how they manage to combine a soft rocking time but for the sake of compromising roadholding.  The steering is crisp, the car never feels unsafe  – even in difficult road conditions.

The engine is straight and double turbocharged with six cylinders, and with a modest 265 horsepower. However, it is quite enough for the car to get a real boost at full throttle, and it will offer comfortable and safe overtaking.  During normal driving it feels a bit lazy and cautious; but  it never gives the impression of being powerless.

So how do you make a car like this your own?  Well, there are of course a number of ways to buy something like this.  Apart from the most common ways, like having a great paid job, a rich family, or by applying for a loan, there are other ways. You can always try winning one, people have done it before!  Click here, or here or get a job as a chauffeur.


Any Disadvantages?  

So does the BMW 730 d have any disadvantages then?  Well, apart from the price, there is not much to complain about.  The test car was equipped with four-wheel drive also with friction tires can handle himself very well in difficult conditions on the rutted and icy winter roads, and visibility is excellent in all directions.

Noise from low-profile tires are usually strenuous during long highway trips, but the insulation in 730 is obviously abundant – even at high speeds.  This makes it all too apparent how easy it is to get  “sound-blind” in a quiet and well-built car.

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