The Coolest Drinks for Your Cabinet This Winter

December 14, 2016

We all know that the coolest festive house parties depend on having the coolest drinks cabinet!  Whether you’re serving drinks on the rocks, with mixers or in some amazing cocktails, this is your must-have hit list this Christmas.  Do not attempt to party without them!


Rum fit for a Party Pirate – Rum Parlay

A-hoy there!  If you want pirate-worthy gin with a fruity kick, then Ultra Black Rum Parlay is the number one anchor for your drinks cabinet this festive season.  Captured in the grand Caribbean, yet distilled in the great UK, Parlay rum centres around myth and legend embedded in the pirate code of conduct.  A ‘black, smooth blend’ from creator Craig Smith, has flavours of raisin, vanilla and unmistakable English oak barrels.

Bottoms up!  £28.00 per 50cl available in stores and online.


Gin fit for the Intrepid Explorer – Willem Barentsz Premium Gin

Pioneering 16th Century Dutch adventurer Willem Barentsz inspired this exotic spirit, combing botanicals from four corners of the globe for a sensory journey like no other!  With orange peel and almonds from Spain, coriander and angelica root from Eastern Europe, this beautifully crafted gin also has the exotic scent of jasmine blossom.  What really sets it apart though, is its wheat and rye grain split-base resulting in a rich, well rounded gin.

Available online from Amazon, The Whisky Exchange & Harvey Nichols (£36.99), or in a gift pack including G&T copa glass and two bottles of 1724 tonic with next day delivery from 31DOVER (£32.95)


Gin fit for a Princess – Limited Edition Victoria’s Rhubarb Gin Gift Tin

Warner Edwards Rhubarb Gin

Just take a look at this gorgeous girlie packaging from Warner Edwards!  But just in case you need another reason to purchase this for your best gin-loving friend this Christmas, the rhubarb used in this particular gin was made from a crop grown in the kitchen garden at Buckingham Palace during Queen Victoria’s reign!  Sweet, tangy and refreshing, drink with ice and keep the box – it’s too pretty to throw away.

Available online from 31DOVER (£19.95)


Vodka for the Coolest Person you Know – XUL Vodka

But have you seen the bottle?!!  Do you need any further persuasion?  The coolest of vodka bottles is also one of the purest.  Distilled a whopping six times (most popular vodkas on the market are distilled just once or twice), XUL Vodka has a smooth taste with no harsh after-taste, while their patented process involves a carefully controlled application of ultrasonic energy, heat and oxygen, ensuring a silky drinking experience from start to finish.  After success in the US where it is made, be one of the first to experience XUL Vodka from this month in the UK.

Available from (£75.00)


The Champagne for Show Offs – Limited Edition G.H. MUMM Champagne Brut Cordon Rouge

What better way to greet your guests than with a deliciously crisp glass of cold MUMM Cordon Rouge?  With Usain Bolt just announced as their new CEO, MUMM really is a statement making champagne for those that dare to dream!  With peach and apricot on the nose, along with tropical notes, silky caramel and honey, a complex mix of fruit and caramel and vanilla to taste, it has a long, lingering finish and is the perfect choice for any party.

Available from Waitrose (£33.50)



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