The Cybex Sirona – The Luxuria Way For Your Little One To Travel

September 29, 2016

There are several big purchases you will need to make when having a baby, and car seats are without question top of that list.  Most parents opt for a Group 0+ car seat from birth, meaning you have the flexibility to attach it to your pushchairs chassis.  However when your little one isn’t so little anymore, it’s time to start thinking about which seat to go for next.  Having been super happy with the Cybex Cloud Q I was reluctant to swap seats and wanted to make sure I made the right choice as the next seat would last him until he was four.

Baby seats in group 0 all face towards the rear of the car, as countless studies have shown that it’s the safest position for very young children, whose heads are disproportionately heavy for their body size. However many Group 1 seats are forward facing, but many studies have shown this is not as safe and for me car seats should be all about safety.

After doing some research and talking to other mums I decided that I would go for the Cybex Sirona.  This seat allows the child to face the rear of the car and then, later in the child’s life, be turned to face in the direction of travel.  Not only that it can be swivelled to face the door to make getting the child in and out much easier.

In the forward facing position, the child is protected by an adjustable impact shield.  This system works like an inflated airbag, which absorbs the energy of impact over its entire area.  Compared to a conventional 5 point harness the strain on the neck is significantly reduced.

After spending too much time trying to decide which of the variety of colours to go for, I choose the Manhattan Grey and wasn’t disappointed. The seat also comes with a fabric flap to stop your child’s dirty shoes scuffing the frame and the covering fabric is washable too to keep it looking and smelling fresh. What’s more, the seat has a special Linear Side-impact Protection system (L.S.P) for greater safety in case of a side-impact collision.

When it arrived I wasn’t quite prepared for how heavy it would be – this isn’t a car seat for moving between cars but it was easy to install and adjust.  The difference between this seat and the Cybex Cloud Q is that it comes complete with an integratedIsofix base.  This makes a safe and rigid connection between the seat and the car chassis.  There are some nice added touches too, like the magnetic areas on the side designed to hold straps out of the way – no more digging around in the seat!

Zachary seemed excited to try out his new space aged car seat and when he fell asleep he looked comfortable and slept well.  It’s well padded and soft to the touch, and the shape of the seat means that he’s both snug and has enough space to feel comfy.

My only problem is that my little man is a child Houdini and has learnt the art of escaping any car seat.  No matter how tight I have the harness, he manages to wriggle his arms underneath the straps and get himself out, not great when you are travelling on the motorway.  But Cybex have been brilliant, sending me a support number to call and helping to make sure I have the headrest and straps in the correct position – which I do.  It turns out he is just a skilled escape artist!  Cybex have however, introduced me to the 5 point plus which is a legal, safety tested product that stops the child getting their arms out.  I have only used this once so far and as much as he didn’t like it, he was unable to get his arms free – so things are looking positive.

As always I am really pleased with the Cybex brand, I feel my son is protected by one of the safest car seats on the market but is also travelling in comfort and style.  I would recommend this seat to all parents looking to make sure their little ones have a luxurious ride and with the added 360 degree swivel it’s also a godsend on your back.

Written By Luxuria Lifestyle UK’s Kerene Barefield

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