The Hottest Drinks & Spirits to Help You Cool Off This Summer!

July 19, 2018

The glorious Summer heat wave continues…  So here’s the Luxuria Lifestyle guide to cooling off with some of the hottest drinks and spirits around!


With Wimbledon season upon us, what could be better than a beautifully English sparkling wine to compliment your strawberries and cream?!  Nyetimber Demi-Sec NV is made from 100% estate-grown Chardonnay and is also the first release of a Sparkling Demi-Sec from an English producer.   With Nyetimber’s range of wines all produced from their 170 hectares in West Sussex and Hampshire, their exclusive wine is also being served at all four British Tennis events this year.  The Demi-sec with fresh lemony aromas, honey and sweet orange on the nose, followed by a citrussy crisp finish, is the perfect cooler for this fabulous weather.

Because the Nyetimber vineyards are so perfectly located for producing wine, head winemaker Cherie Spriggs is also renowned for her perfection.  With the grapes tasted at harvest and grouped by flavour, while also being picked by hand for optimum ripeness, if they aren’t up to the exact standards she expects, then no wine will be released!  With five fantastic wines making up the portfolio, there’s something to suit everyone – the Classic Cuvee, Blanc de Blancs, Rose, Demi-Sec and the Tillington Single Vineyard.  Showcasing just how fabulous   Nyetimber is, their Classic Cuvee 2003 even came first in the Worldwide Sparkling Wines competition in 2010 when it was up against leading champagnes – a true testament to this absolutely captivating wine.

Click here for details of where to buy.

Jamaica Cove Black Pineapple Rum

Luckily with the weather the way it is right now, you won’t need to go to Jamaica at all – so why not bring the flavour of the Caribbean to your awesome summer party instead?  Jamaica Cove Black Pineapple is the latest addition to the Jamaica Cove portfolio, joining the oh-so-moreish Black Ginger Rum.  Black Pineapple is a silky full strength rum blend of Jamaican Pot and Column Stills with a juicy hit of luscious tropical fruit.  Adding a quirkiness to this quality rum, as you can imagine, Jamaica Cove Black Pineapple is the perfect base for a Pina Colada – plumb the depths of their website to discover the hidden treasure recipe, by clicking here, while you can also read up on the legendary tale of smugglers on Cornwall’s beaches where the rum was stored…  Make sure you part with your gold coins ahead of National Pina Colada Day on 10th July -(any excuse….)  £26 (70cl) available from: Master of Malt, Drink Finder and Amazon.

Sipsmith’s Lemon Drizzle Gin

If this doesn’t sound like summer to you, then we don’t know what will!  The bright yellow cap and label on the bottle will make Sipsmith’s Lemon Drizzle Gin stand out from the crowd, absolutely bursting with character and citrus in equal amounts.  This high-spirited gin which (we know) was just born to be sipped alongside a sumptuous slice of lemon drizzle cake, will make the perfect picnic basket accompaniment to your party.  With botanicals including lemon verbena (grown in Sipsmith’s very own Master Distiller’s Cotswold garden), combined with vanilla pods, juniper berries and Bulgarian coriander seed to name but a few, you’ll be blown away by the biscuity sweetness on the nose, the fresh zesty zing of lemon with a hint of vanilla on the palate, and a warm liquorice finish.  Priced at £25, get your hands on a bottle Sipsmith-smartish!

Black Cow Vodka

Wow.  Black Cow Vodka is S-MOOoo-THE  alright – did you know it was entirely from the milk of grass-grazed cows?!  The creamy taste to it just makes total sense now doesn’t it?  Distilled on the West Dorset Coast, Black Cow Vodka is one of the best looking on the market too – it’ll definitely take pride of place in front of the advocaat that’s been in your drinks cabinet for a hundred years.

Crystal clear in colour, this rich, vanilla-y vodka has a floral hint with a sweet/spicy taste on the palate.  Try this awesome summer cocktail: The Black Cow Lime and Ginger Cocktail by mixing
25ml Black Cow with soda water, a twist of lime and a slice of ginger.  Perfecto.  And if the milk thing really intrigues you (it does us), you can actually now visit Black Cow’s home.  Guests can enjoy a four course meal across three hours in the new bar and kitchen, along with a cocktail making class and a tour of the distillery for £70pp.

Gin Mare

Have you seen a prettier bottle of Gin?  Do we actually want to drink Gin Mare when it looks this good in the bottle?!  Your answers should’ve been No.  Followed by Yes.  This absolutely delightful handcrafted gin is distilled in small batches in a small village on the Mediterranean coast, just outside Barcelona (yes we should’ve known it has some Med flair, looking that amazing!)  Not your average London dry gin, Gin Mare’s key botanicals distinguish it from its competition, with Arbequina Olive, Thyme, Rosemary and Basil, that are sourced from four different Mediterranean countries including Italy, Greece, Turkey and Spain.  Highly fragrant with herbal notes, rosemary and thyme come through on the palate with a hint of lemon, Gin Mare tastes great, with literally everything…  Fancy yourself as a bit of cocktail connoiseur?  We suggest you try out the recipe for The Masquerade by Robyn Wilkie with greek yoghurt and an almond and honey foam which you’ll find here!

Gin Mare is available from selected Waitrose, Oddbins, Harvey Nichols and Whole Foods store, from £34-41.00, or online at The Drink Shop and The Whisky Exchange.

The Royal Salute 21 Year Old ‘Art of Blending’ Limited Edition Gift Packs

Although currently we’re basking in the delights of summer, Royal Salute is already one step ahead of the rest with two limited edition gift pack being released for the upcoming Mid-Autumn festival in September.  The first in Royal Salute’s series of expressions which have been inspired by royal British traditions, this gift set depicts the ‘Art of Blending’ drawing parallels between the craftmanship involved in blending Scotch whisky, along with another favourite pastimes – drinking tea!  With two stunning bespoke versions with Eastern and Western interpretations, both feature the signature Royal Salute 21 Year Old expression inside the elaborate hand-crafted gift box, created with British artist Martin O’Neill.  Deep golden amber in colour, Royal Salute 21 Year Old has sweet fruity aromas on the nose, with a deep, full, smokiness to taste including sweet orange and a nuttiness, with a long lingering finish.

Available globally from August 2018 priced at $130.  Click here for more info.

When in Rome

The website says ‘never judge a wine by its cover’ but from now on, we’ll be drinking as much boxed wine as we possibly can – especially if it tastes THIS good!  Unbelievably good and great for easy drinking, you could sink a few of these premium ‘bag-in-box’ wines very quickly.  The When in Rome range comes from small producers in Italy which you won’t find here in the UK.  Talk about exclusive!  From the vegan friendly Sauvignon Blanc (there’s also a Refosco and Pinot Grigio in the vegan range), through to a Barbera DOC Piemonte, these perfect-for-a-picnic boxes also have a select range available at Waitrose, Harvey Nichols and other independent wine merchants, but your best bet is to get yourself online and order away!!  RRP £25.99 per 2.25 litre box


Meaning ‘Time’ in Japanese, Toki stands out from the crowd – and that’s just the bottle.  A blended whisky from three of the House of Suntory’s different distilleries, this clear gold, round, sweet whisky with notes of citrus and a spicy, peppery finish with hints of vanilla, is a lighter, softer drink.  The newest addition to the brand is also a more affordable bottle of quality whisky than the others in the range.  Drink neat, like the locals, or go all out by mixing up a Highball Cocktail with whisky and soda water over ice, topped with a twist of lemon to refresh in mid-July.

Toki is available to buy from The Whisky Exchange for £35.

The Glenlivet Code

Fancy a good mystery?  We’re not talking latest novels for sunbathing on the beach though, because Glenlivet Code is your enigma!  The newest addition to The Glenlivet range, The Glenlivet Code has been inspired by the iconic British Code breakers (how very Bletchley!).  Without tasting notes or the slightest hint of information about how this Single Malt Scotch was made, it’s up to the consumer to take away from this whisky, what they will!  In a classy, mysterious, black bottle, and using new casks and new technologies, The Glenlivet Code is also challenging drinkers by giving them the opportunity to take part in an interactive experience by journeying to a virtual underground room accessible by the Shazam app.  RRP £100 Click here to unlock the mystery…

Monkey Shoulder

We LOVE Monkey Shoulder…  How did it get its name we hear you ask??  Well… in days of old, the malt man would turn the malting by hand.  Quite the job hey?  Monkey Shoulder was the condition you’d end up with if you turned it too long.  But thankfully, that’s not a thing anymore.  This de-lish malt whisky is a unique combo of three splendid Speyside single malts, expertly married together.  Put your feet up on a lazy summer’s afternoon and while away the hours in a haze of super smooth orange, vanilla and spiced oak.  Go hard, drink neat.  Go home… and make the Lazy Old Fashioned.  Perfect for a party, this creates 14 servings with 700ml of Monkey Shoulder, 100ml of Demarara Syrup (made by dissolving equal parts of sugar and water in a pan, left to cool) and 15ml Angostura Bitters.


1.      Empty 100ml of Monkey Shoulder from the bottle (and enjoy over ice)!
2.      Replace this with 100 ml of Demerara Syrup.
3.      Add 15ml of Angostura Bitters.
4.      Mix contents well in bottle.
5.      When serving, add ice to a rocks glass, pour over Lazy Old Fashioned and add a twist of an orange peel.
6.      Leave remaining liquid in the bottle, allowing guests to pour as they please.

Mini Vino

Mini Vino’s are quite frankly, A-MINI-mazing.  What could be better than these itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny wines self-contained in the glasses you drink them out of?!  Absolutely perfect for summer events and picnics, these pocket sized delights come in 18.7cl size shatter-proof wine glasses which are lightweight for carrying anywhere!  They also come with a plastic cap for resealing and are completely recyclable too.  With three different wines to choose from – 2015 Italian Chardonnay, Merlot and Rose, what’s not to love?!  Click here to find out where to get your mits on these minis!

Chapel Down Bacchus Gin

As well as producing beers, wines and ciders, those talented chaps at Chapel Down have now added vodka and Gin to their portfolio!  Made using distilled grape skins from a single vintage year, the limited edition ‘Sprit of Chapel Down’ gin is produced from aromatic Bacchus grape skins with a delicate flavour, which come in a high-end elegant bottle which is half-frosted in the style of a wine bottle at the top and and half cut-glass crystal decanter style at the bottom.  Aside from its delightedly citrus, herbal, aromatic flavour, Chapel Down Gin will also look beautiful as part of your drinks collection.

Made from the 2016 Chapel Down harvest, the gin is a perfect infusion of juniper, coriander, lavender, orange peel and lemon to name just a few of the botanicals.  This ‘first’ for the English wine world is a definite must-try.

Try the Garden of England cocktail by filling a shaker with ice and adding:

25ml Chapel Down Bacchus Gin
50ml Curious Apple
20ml Lime Juice
7.5ml Sugar Syrup
Strain into a Martini Glass
Garnish with a slice of cucumber and sprig of mint

Click here to buy online (£35).


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