The Hunt For A Better Way – Respectful Animal Trophies

December 17, 2015

Taking inspiration from the beauty of some of nature’s most spectacular wildlife – without taking the wildlife themselves – Respectful Animal Trophies are the latest range from classy “eco-social” design brand Hu2.

The controversial ‘sport’ of trophy hunting has been big news this year.  The death of much treasured Cecil the lion, at the hands of a US dentist armed with a bow and arrow and a wad of money, catapulted trophy hunting into the media spotlight and caused international outrage.  Celebrities such as Ricky Gervais have not been shy about making their distaste for the practice of killing animals and displaying their body parts as some form of prize abundantly clear.

The peaceful, sophisticated creations of Hu2’s Respectful Animal Trophies provide a thought-provoking contrast to the overexuberant – and often frankly disturbing – taxidermy displayed in hunting lodges the world over.  French designer and founder of Hu2, Antoine Tesquier Tedeschi, is passionate about the environment and his art sends a clear message: Keep wildlife in the wild, art on a wall.

The sculptural 3D designs of his Respectful Animal Trophies are lovingly crafted to capture yet preserve the living essence of the nature they represent.  Precision cut from carefully sourced wood and hand treated with protective natural oils for a stylish, quality finish, each piece is thoughtfully supplied with invisible fixings to ensure nothing is taken away from the graceful, flowing lines when wall mounted.  Surely that’s got to be preferable to a baleful, glassy-eyed animal stare following you resentfully around the room?!

To complement the three original trophy designs – a majestic stag, a powerful bull and a magnificent moose – Hu2 recently launched their Chapter II Collection in partnership with international wildlife conservation charity, The Born Free Foundation.  Sharing mutual values about the importance of wildlife protection, the collaboration seems to work.  Featuring three of the ‘Big Five’ and a tiger to boot, the collection’s striking species selection has been chosen with the aim of raising awareness that some of our most recognised and well-loved animals are at risk of extinction, and the hope of consequently making a positive difference to their situation.  Putting their money where their mouth is, for each trophy from the new collection sold, Hu2 also make a donation to The Born Free Foundation to support its conservation efforts.

With prices ranging from £89 to £240 – and not a flash of professionally perfect pearly whites in sight – visit to check out the full Respectful Animal Trophies range.

Written by Luxuria Lifestyle UK’s Niki Whewell

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