The January Sales – The Perfect Time to Plan Your Wardrobe for the 2017 Races

December 14, 2016

With Christmas just around the corner, it’ll be 2017 before we know it!  The January sales are the perfect time to shop for a new outfit, so why not take the stress out of your shopping plan and get clued up on what you are going to wear for the coming year, now.  One of the bigger social events of the year are the trips to the races – especially to the prestigious ones such as the Grand National.

Learning the acceptable styles in regards to fashion on racing weeks can be intense and cause some stress.  There are so many questions to answer:  What’s on trend this season?  What is acceptable clothing and what isn’t?  What are the rules of Horse Racing?  How do I even join in with the betting?

While sites like can easily help with the latter two questions, we’ll run through everything you need to know about the styles you need to wear to stand out come race day.

Keep it Classic, Classy & Simple

To state it simply, fashion at the races is ultimately about refined elegance, femininity and being lady-like.

In the past, we have witnessed a lot of fashion and style failures, with the most prevalent being the lengths of the dress or skirt (always too short), or a party dress mistaken for suitable cocktail attire and the worst case scenario is when someone takes off the heels!

Yes, we hope never to be victims,  so without wasting time, this is a breakdown of the rules to help us all uphold the self-respect and pride of racing fashion.

Important Trends in Racing Fashion 

This season, guests to the races are going for less emphasis on the classic choice of traditional spring fashion styles.  Most importantly are the accessories, for example, bags, jewellery, shoes, and the finer details.


Another popular trend to look out for this season is that of the soft pastel tones.  Get ready for a bit of 1950’s silhouette in different shades of lipinks, mint greens and blues.

Print on Print

This is a very popular fashion; trend prints have been around before, but this year, fashionistas will go a little wild by contravening the rules and mingling the print on print patterns together for a valiant banquet of edgy, strange and awkwardly cute and fun fashion.


This ladylike combination never goes out of fashion.  Black and white is effortless and classic and is thoroughly compatible with the sense of feminine.  What you should know about racing is ‘less is more’.  Feminine dressing with modest outlines and classic styles are crucial to effectively putting together a good appearance.

Your hemline must be below the knee, never forget your headwear and please remember that denim is not acceptable, nor the display of underwear!  And if you choose to bare a little bit of skin, remember to do so with moderation.

The Key to Productively Wearing and Selecting a Fascinator

This season, head wear is going to leave a lasting impression.  But the real trend will be individuality and unique textures.

So expect a little more than you imagined such as metallic, polka dots, exotic skins and prints brass, leather, and 3D elements like leaves and arrows.  Your headwear should come  second to your outfit though, and then style the rest of your appearance to correspond.

What Should He Wear?

A race day is definitely a day to dress your best, but instead of the  traditional black suits, why not try something totally different – like a printed jacket or a navy jacket.

Personalise your appearance with a coloured bow tie or a pocket square.  This uniqueness will mark you out as someone who is confident, a winner.

Party Wear and Race Wear Are Different

There is a distinctive difference between party wear and race wear. While race wear is all about modesty, femininity and style, party wear is more to do with being fun and flirty, showing off a little more skin.

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