The Multi Talented Aubrey Logan at 606 Club, Chelsea

December 13, 2016

Aubrey Logan brings it all to the stage before she even gets there.  During her intro she set the tone by making her presence known before the audience could see her.  Her range is phenomenal and there is absolutely no genre this woman can’t handle.  While there are jazzy undertones in each song she performed, there were also unexpected mash ups and a unique mixing of styles.  Aubrey’s songs are the type that you want to listen to in the car on seriously loud volume, while belting out unattainable notes.

Aubrey’s debut album will be released in the new year, and its appropriately titled ‘Impossible’.  According to the artist, she chose this title because she was told it was ‘impossible’ to mix the range of genres that she, successfully, mixes.  Most people wouldn’t believe a successful mash up can be made from a classic opera song and jazz in the way she covered Habanera from ‘Carmen.’  Or Aubrey’s jazz rendition of ‘U Can’t Touch This,’ by MC Hammer proved that early nineties hip-hop/rap and jazz make a winning combination.  She dares to take any song, of any genre and deliver it in a way that would have made Ella Fitzgerald or Billie Holliday proud.

Aubrey Logan
As the night went on, Aubrey effortlessly shifted from upbeat songs that made you want to move, to slower song that pulled on the heart strings, but its more than the lyrics and the sound – it’s the way Aubrey performs them.  When her heart is bearing itself to you on stage you can feel it all around the room.

Between her songs Aubrey effortlessly holds the audience in her hands.  One skat track had everyone in fits of laughter as it combined the difficult jazz technique with a relatable road trip anecdote.

The show previewed the songs featured on the album, including those written by Aubrey herself and collaborations with David Yaden, who helped write ‘Need you Now,’ by Lady Antebellum, and Pam Sheyne, who wrote ‘Genie in a Bottle’ by Christina Aguilera.  Aubrey is following up her new album release in the New Year with more performances around Europe, details can be found on her website.

Aubrey LoganAubrey performed the show at the 606 Club in Chelsea, the venue presents an inconspicuous front that could easily be missed if you aren’t looking for it, but once you are inside you fall in love with its simple speakeasy décor. The intimacy of the club means that there isn’t a bad spot to sit in the house, everyone has an up close and personal experience with the performer. The bustling servers around you only add to the vintage, crowded, speakeasy charm.

Written by Luxuria Lifestyle UK’s Claire Hagen

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