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May 30, 2019

The Smart Ways to Add Luxury to Your Everyday Life

Living the luxe life every day is, for most of us, something that we aspire towards, rather than consistently achieve.

Of course, buying the best of everything is an option for the fabulously wealthy, but for the vast majority, it’s something that we indulge in only rarely.

First class flights, five-star resorts and meals at Michelin-starred restaurants are all well and good, but they’re so draining on your finances that they can leave other aspects of your life feeling desperately pared back.

But how can you add luxury to your everyday life without breaking the bank? Join us as we share some of our top tips for doing just that:

Up Your Tea & Coffee Game

We get it, instant coffee and tea are super convenient – just add water. But when it comes to your drinking experience, you end up suffering a firmly second-class product. It’s the difference between hot drinks from boutique cafes and those you’d find in a greasy spoon.

Luckily, it’s both affordable and achievable to have great tasting, ultra-luxurious hot drinks at home or in the office. Invest in a cafetière and a tea strainer and start buying pre-ground coffee and loose-leaf tea. Sure, it might take a couple more minutes to brew, but the lux drinking experience they offer is well worth the additional effort.

Invest in High-Quality Bedding

There are a few things which separate the best hotels from those which you’d sooner avoid, but there are none as crucial as the type of bedding used. High-thread-count sheets, thick, bouncy pillows and breathable-yet warm duvets are what turns a good night’s sleep into an amazing one.

It’s also something you can achieve at home with the purchase of beautiful, high-quality bedding. It requires an initial outlay, but the luxury of coming home to ultra-comfortable bedding is something that’s truly valuable.

Bring the Casino Home

Casinos have always been associated with luxury and, for the jet-set, they’re often the first stop when they get set up at the hotel.

It’s possible to bring the casino experience home, whoever, with live casino games like blackjack, poker and Slingo bingo playable right from your phone, tablet, laptop or even TV – if your phone supports the feature. Competing for big prizes online in VIP rooms? Now that’s luxurious.

Go Indie

Independent producers, manufacturers and artists have found a new home online and, for those looking to add some bespoke chic to their home, there’s nothing better.

Hand-made, beautiful objects can be found on websites like Etsy and are often one-off. They are a far cry from the mass-produced objects found at IKEA and even more premium retailers like Habitat, and can give your home the luxurious feel that’s missing from most properties.

Best of all? These items are usually quite affordable, so adding a couple to each room is achievable.
What’s your favourite way to add a little luxury to your everyday life without incurring the ire of your bank manager? Let us know in the comments below, or on social media.

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