The T3 Featherweight 2 Hairdryer – Worth the Hype? In a Word, Yes.

March 6, 2018

We don’t think we’ve ever seen a more beautiful hairdryer!   Here at Luxuria Lifestyle, we think that an appliance you use pretty much every day should be an investment and turns out, the T3 Featherweight 2 Dryer is worth every penny of its £155 price tag.

Hair drying has to be one of the most tedious, time consuming daily tasks.  But cutting down on dry time to a ridiculously quick 4 minutes to dry my hair, felt like I was gaining back precious time in my day and that’s not the only benefit…

Here’s the science bit.  Tourmaline, known as the ‘electric stone’ emits negative ions and healthy infrared heat when its heated.  These negative ions speed up hair drying, because they break down the water droplets in your hair into smaller molecules, whilst also retaining moisture, cancelling static and sealing the cuticle against harm.  While many other tourmaline applications use only a spray of coating which will wear off over time, the T3 takes the highest quality gemstones and crushes them into a fine powder which is then infused into the internal dryer components.  This ensures that the effects will last for the hair dryers’ lifetime.

Working differently to normal hairdryers which you may feel are even burning your hair as they dry, the T3 Featherweight 2 has a specially engineered fan, built with Softaire Technology.  This generates ion enriched air that leaves the dryer via the wide cone shape but at a gentle speed.  In turn this all adds up to healthier hair that retains more moisture, has much more lustre and shine and less frizz.

Sold already on the design (the ceramic white casing and silver embossed logo are just stunning), the hairdryer is ergonomically designed making it easy to hold and operate.  The buttons are functional and there’s no risk of changing the setting without meaning to, while the super long cord means you can dry hair from pretty much any plug socket and be close to a mirror.

Being super lightweight to hold means you don’t get that tired achey arm half way through drying, and the ease at which you can dry using a barrel brush against the concentrator nozzle was quite amazing.  Finally home drying has become as effortless as a salon blow dry!  The concentrator also stayed fully attached throughout – I’m always staggered at the number of times it falls off on my previous hair dryers.

Other features include the long life motor (no more cutting out mid-way through your drying experience), a cool shot to lock in style and shine, two different speeds and three heat settings, and a two year warranty.

The T3 Featherweight 2 Hairdryer is available on the Look Fantastic website, priced at £155..  Buy one today and then work out what to do with all that extra time you’ll have not spent blow drying your hair!

Written by Luxuria Lifestyle UK’s Ashleigh Whitfield

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